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Disappointing Organic Wines: Parducci Sustainable Red & the Green Truck Petite Sirah

Green Truck Petite Sirah Red Wine Disappointing Organic Wines: Parducci Sustainable Red & the Green Truck Petite SirahAre Organic Wines Really Safer?

By Matt Goldstein & Amy K. Haight

Our team has been on the lookout for inexpensive organic wines to see if there are any wines on the market that can compete in terms of complexity and price with the rest of the wine world as a whole.  To be fair, organic wine grapes like all other organic fruits and vegetables are still sprayed with pesticides.  Hard to believe but yes, all organic farms in the world use pesticides, however these pesticides are all natural, as opposed to the more modern man made pesticides which would be considered non-organic.  (Many scientists in the industry claim that the non-organic pesticides are actually safer for human consumption.)  Time will tell which is better for us…

For now, let’s discuss these two organic wines that we found at Wegman’s Pub this past weekend.  Let’s start with the Green Truck Petite Syrah.  According to Green Truck, “organic farming requires a commitment to a method of farming that eliminates dependence on chemical fertilizers and toxic fungicides and insecticides in favor of natural practice.”  The Petite Syrah Grapes were organically grown at the Mendocino County vineyards by the Barra family and the grapes underwent gentle de-stemming and crushing.  Unfortunately, the Green Truck Petite Syrah was basically flat and completely lacked any complexity.  The scent of the wine was solid and sharp, but the rest was all downhill.  Tasting Notes: Mild, smooth, not very grainy, with a thin mouthfeel and having legs in the glass.  Flat and watered down, more like  unsweetened grape juice.  The Green Truck Petite Syrah has no body and no structure.  This is a below average table wine and we most likely would try it again.  Retail price $12.00

parducci wines Disappointing Organic Wines: Parducci Sustainable Red & the Green Truck Petite SirahThe Parducci Sustainable Red was definitely better than the Green Truck but nothing to write home about.  The Parducci Sustainable Red is a red table wine and the Parducci Vineyards are locally owned and operated in California’s Mendocino County.  Parducci practices “sustainable winegrowing, protecting the environment and supporting our communities and local farmers.”  The Parducci table red has a slight bite, and a bit of flavor with a better concistency than the Green Truck but overall is flat with no aroma.  This organic wine was also a bit disappointing and we would not go out of our way to try this again.  Retail price $11.00




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