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Featured Wine: Coppola Shiraz not the Godfather of Red Wines

Coppola Shiraz Red Wine Featured Wine: Coppola Shiraz not the Godfather of Red WinesNot Francis Ford Coppola’s Finest Hour

By Matt Goldstein & Amy K. Haight

Normally the Francis Coppola Wines are pretty solid for the price usually having great complexity, flavors and crispness.  However, we can’t say the same for the 2009 Coppola Shiraz.  For those that don’t know, Francis Ford Coppola is the infamous director of the Godfather who’s turned his film fame into a very successful winery and vineyard with many styles of red and white wines available all over the world ranging from about $12 and up.  The 2009 Coppola Shiraz was about $14 and simply underperformed from the first sip.  We tried to let it breath a bit but over the course of an hour the wine was still flat and lacked complexity, bite and any type of crispness, bitterness or anything remotely indicating a good wine.  Yes, it’s easy drinking but that’s about it.  We would certainly try it again just in case it was a bad bottle however we wouldn’t recommend the 2009 Coppola Shiraz.  This is a below average wine.

According to the web site, the Coppola Shiraz pairs well with burgers, BBQ and pasta.


From Coppola Vineyard

Easy-drinking wine perfect for summer BBQs or hearty, winter stews.

Small amount of Viognier added for light floral notes.

Ripe, lush texture and moderate tannins are the trademark characteristics of our Shiraz. To achieve this, we source fruit from old dry-farmed vineyards in Lodi. These grapes are blended with fruit from Paso Robles, which gives the wine its intense berry and spice flavors.

Our Shiraz is aged in both French and American oak barrels, achieving more complexity of flavor; French oak imparts a vanilla character, American oak helps sustain the inherent spice qualities.




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