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Featured Wine of the Week: Casillero del Diablo Syrah

casillero del diablo wines 300x163 Featured Wine of the Week: Casillero del Diablo SyrahWorld’s Most Recognized Chilean Wine Brand

By Matt Goldstein

Casillero del Diablo wineries are the most recognized Chilean wine brand and for good reason.  There are multiple wines from Diablo available for under $15 and some for even $10.  Chilean and Argentinean wines have exploded in popularity, much because of the quality but also because of the price.  Simply put, wines from Napa Valley are on average more expensive because of the cost of land and labor.  Chile and Argentina have taken advantage of the lower price range but still maintain excellent quality wines.  Our featured wine of the week, Casillero del Diablo Syrah, costs about $12 retail and is available throughout the United States.  Made by Concha Y Toro wineries, Casillero del Diablo Syrah is flavorful, slightly bitter and complex with hints of chocolate and pepper and perfectly matched with spicy foods, and or red meats.  This is a solid wine for about $12.  We would definitely drink it again, but probably wouldn’t pay $15 for it.  Casillero del Diablo translates to Cellar of the Devil.


Production Area: Rapel Valley, Chile.

Grape Variety: 100% Syrah.

 Description: Casillero del Diablo Reserva Syrah is an opaque purple wine with well developed, densely packed black fruit notes on the nose. The palate is round and mouth-filling with ample black cherry, currant and cedar flavors mixed with sweet tannins and finished with lively acidity for balance.


Casillero del Diablo offers wine lovers the very special opportunity to participate in the propagation of a century old legend known throughout the world. In the 19th century, the founder of Concha y Toro, Don Melchor, discovered that his vineyard workers were sampling his greatest wines. To discourage this action, Melchor spread the rumor that his deepest, darkest cellar was the Casillero del Diablo (Cellar of the Devil), so that no one would dare go in there. It worked, and a legend was born. Today this mysterious and legendary cellar continues to hold the finest wines of Casillero del Diablo.




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