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Gary Vaynerchuck’s Ultimate $10 Wine: The Veedha Douro 2008 Red Wine

Veedha Douro 2008 Red Wine 125x300 Gary Vaynerchuck’s Ultimate $10 Wine: The Veedha Douro 2008 Red WineA Complex Red from Portugal

Compiled By Matt Goldstein

One of the world’s leading wine experts and certainly one of the most popular, Gary Vaynerchuck, has proclaimed the Veedha Douro 2008 Red Wine the ultimate $10 bottle of wine.  Vaynerchuck became infamous in the wine world with his web videos where he breaks down different wines with systematic analysis.  The wines are all brown bagged and Gary tastes them completely blind, but Vaynerchuck can call out the price, type of grape and origin with ease and success.  Also a best selling author, Vaynerchuck proclaimed “This is the Ultimate $10 wine and the Ultimate Pinterest wine because at $10 it is not only a deal that most can afford but it is a FANTASTIC WINE and has a radical label for art purposes.”  Gary goes on to discuss the tasting notes of the Veedha Douro 2008, “loaded with dark, dark flavors and the ripe cherry, peppercorn, cinnamon, plum, and plum fruit dance around the silky almost silk sheets like texture. The olives, tar and black currant on the long finish put the exclamation point on this wine.”

That sounds like a very complex wine for only $10 and although we haven’t tasted the Veedha Douro yet, it’s number one on our to do list.  We’ll update with our thoughts as soon as we get a chance.

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