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Happy Birthday Jesus! The Man Who Turned Water into Wine!


jesus im drunk1 300x298 Happy Birthday Jesus! The Man Who Turned Water into Wine!

By Matt Goldstein

On this Christmas, we at Whiskey Goldmine would like to give a shout out to a great man.  Man or sometimes son of God (semantics), Jesus Christ was known to walk on water, cure lepers and give sight to blind children.  Perhaps the biggest miracle of all, Jesus actually turned water into wine.  That is pretty amazing!  We’re not surprised that Jesus has so many followers and had so many books written about him.  One of those books was particularly influential and turning water into wine is just an awesome way to rock out at a party.  2000 years ago there weren’t many liquor stores, therefore wine; vodka and whiskey were a little hard to come by.  Of course turning water into wine was a miracle. 

Jesus the Drinker

Not only did Jesus turn water into wine, Jesus actually drank the wine too.  Being a rabbi, Jesus celebrated the Hebrew Sabbath every Friday night after sundown.  On the Sabbath, the dinner and religious ceremony traditionally requires a few glasses of wine with dinner while reciting prayer.  Jesus was pretty awesome huh?

We at whiskey goldmine would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy new year.  Even if you’re not that religious, any excuse to be with family and friends or just getting to share some time with loved ones is a good thing. 

After being bombarded with thousands of presents by his new Catholic in laws, this Jewish kid has learned to love him some Christmas.  Dinner on Christmas eve, drinks, the casino, lots of presents, another dinner and more drinks afterwards followed by a huge party.  What’s not to love about Christmas!  Here’s to Jesus showing me some love on the craps table tonight.   




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