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Best Malbec’s Under $10: Don Paula Los Cardos 2010 Malbec

don paula wines 300x126 Best Malbec’s Under $10: Don Paula Los Cardos 2010 MalbecFeatured Wine of the Week

By Matt Goldstein & Amy K. Haight

Don Paula wines from Argentina’s Mendoza region can now be found all over the world, and after only two years on the international scene, Don Paula was already landing awards in Europe and America.  97% of Don Paula’s production is exported to 60 countries all over the world and we found a bottle in Sophia’s in Margate NJ, an upscale Greek restaurant.  Recommended by our favorite bartender and surfer, George, the Don Paula Los Cardos 2010 Malbec was the perfect choice for a complex red when you’re not looking to break the bank.  For about $10 a bottle, the Don Paula Los Cardos is simply one of the best malbec’s you can buy in the price range.

From the Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza region,  the desert climate has ooor clayey soils.  Also, the climate is characterized by its warm days and cool nights, with an average temperature variation of 14°C (57.2°F).  The estate is located at 1,050 meters (almost 3,445 ft) above sea level and the average annual rainfall in this area is 200 mm (7.87 in)managed using sustainable agriculture practices.

Tasting Notes if the Don Paula Los Cardos 2010 Malbec:

Slightly bitter, tart and complex, flavorful and well balanced.  Notes of fruits and bitter herbs, this red wine is soft, with a perfectly balanced finish.  We absolutely recommend the Don Paula Los Cardos Malbec for about $10.




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