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The United States Tops France is Wine Sales: Now #1

Wine3 1237299 300x200 The United States Tops France is Wine Sales: Now #1      The United States Drinks More Wine that Any Other Country in the World

By Matt Goldstein

Americans have now become the leading consumers of wine throughout the world.  Per capita, France is still miles ahead but the U.S. has caught up in the amount of wine sold.  Not only has the United States increased in wine sold and per capita over the last few years, France has fallen.  Wine sales in the United States have actually increased during the recession and have had 17 straight years of growth.  U.S. sales grew to about 12.2 gallons of wine per capita sold in 2010 with a total estimated value of about $30 billion and wines from California have accounted for 61% of total sales.  Congratulations to the United States and all of our wine drinkers.  Cheers! 

Source:  Zagat, USA Today



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3 comments to The United States Tops France is Wine Sales: Now #1

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  • Jan Jaffe

    Hey Matt. This is a great site and I enjoy visiting. Question for you about sulphites in red wine. I enjoy merlot but like many people have a sensitivity to heavy preservatives/sulphites. I’ve been choosing mostly a general dinner wine, Italian (Bolla) because I have less of a reaction headache-wise following a few glasses. Do you have recommendations (either white or red) for wine lovers that contain less sulphites? Jan


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    Hey thanks! Yes, I have many suggestions for less sulphates. I actually rarely drink merlot. Try Pinot Noir, Malbec and Grenache. They are lighter and easier drinking with less sulphates. Also, most of the headaches probably due to dehydration more than the sulphates. Drink lots of water and your headaches will probably be gone.


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