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Pairing Seafood & Wine: A Burgundy Chardonnay with Lobster

chardonnay burgundy white wine Pairing Seafood & Wine: A Burgundy Chardonnay with Lobster

Louis Jadot Meursault: A Grand Chardonnay

By Master Sommelier George Miliotes

Capital Grille’s Master Sommelier George Miliotes discusses pairing lobster, and unquestionably, Chardonnay is said to be the classic and ideal wine pairing.  A Lobster recipe is stuffed with bay scallops, shrimp, fresh herbs and a touch of parmesan cheese, and served with flavorful, roasted chanterelle mushrooms, Miliotes it shouldn’t just be any Chardonnay.  There are few food combinations in the world more decadent than the plush sweetness of lobster and the rich earthiness of chanterelles, and the wine you choose to accompany them has to be equally decadent.

Chardonnay is produced all over the world, but arguably the finest in the world hails from the prime wine-growing regions of Burgundy, France, and the Santa Maria Bench in California.  For those who enjoy a structured Chardonnay, Master Miliotes recommends Louis Jadot Meursault from Burgundy—a full-bodied wine with notes of oak and vanilla with an exotic, nutty finish. For those who prefer a rich, ripe wine with tropical fruit aromas and flavors, Cambria Estate Winery produces magnificent vintages from grapes grown in the Chardonnay-loving soil of Katherine’s Vineyard.

Old World and New World Chardonnays with very different profiles, but a mutual love for lobster. Uncork a little sophistication this season.




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