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U.S. Wine Sales Hit All Time Record in Exports as Asia Sales Explode

wine bottles wine cellar 300x200 U.S. Wine Sales Hit All Time Record in Exports as Asia Sales ExplodeRecord Sales for American Wines

By Matt Goldstein

A few days ago we discussed an article for record Cognac sales because of an explosion in China and Asia.  Now, U.S. wine sales are also reporting record numbers in exports and mainly because of China.  The newly born Chinese middle class has gotten a taste for European and American Wines and Spirits.  90% of the wines exported overseas are from California and according to the LA Times, much of the boom is because of the weak dollar.  However, the dollar has been strengthening and China still spends money on American products.  The trend of American wine sales throughout Asia will only continue to rise with the new powerful economies of the Pacific.  Up 23% from 2010, American wine exports topped $1.3 billion for 2011, an all time record.  American wine sales are up 38% in China, 48% in Hong Kong and 42% in Japan.  Europe is still the #1 American wine importer but sales only rose about 10% which is still a very good number.  Overall, the consumption of beer, wine and liquor are up all over the world, an indication of growing economies and the growth of secularism and California still has much room for export expansion when production capability is considered.

Source: LA Times




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