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Bourbon Whiskey Cocktails: Basil Hayden’s NIne to Five Punch

Basil Haydens National Boss Day Cocktail 256x300 Bourbon Whiskey Cocktails: Basil Haydens NIne to Five PunchIn honor of National Boss Day, Basil Hayden’s® Super-Premium Bourbon has created a unique bourbon punch that is sure to help everyone in your office celebrate the boss in the best way possible!  The Basil Hayden’s® Nine to Five Punch mixes pineapple and lemon juice with our Bourbon’s spicy finish making it the perfect end to a long day at work!


Basil Hayden’s NIne to Five Punch (created by Max Toste)


1/2 Bottle Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon
5 parts Pineapple Juice
3 1/2 parts Lemon Juice
4 parts Maple Syrup
5 Dashes Bitters
33 parts Club Soda
1. Add Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon, pinapple juice, lemon juice, maple syrup and bitters in a medium punch bowl.
2. Stir ingredients until maple syrup has fully dissolved.
3. Add a few large ice cubes, sparkling water and float lemon and pineapple slices on top.




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Basil Hayden’s September Sour Cocktail

Basil Haydens Bourbon Heritage Cocktail 183x300 Basil Haydens September Sour CocktailSummer may be over, but National Bourbon Heritage Month has officially arrived and it’s time to celebrate! In honor of America’s native spirit, hit the town, raise a glass of Basil Hayden’s® and encourage your friends to celebrate! Basil Hayden’s® September Sour, created by top New York mixologist Julie Reiner, is a twist on the classic bourbon cocktail, the New York Sour, combining our spicy bourbon with zesty lemon juice, orange bitters and herbal Bénédictine Liqueur. Finally, we top it off with a touch of red wine to create a cocktail that is sure to please everyone’s taste buds this month!


Basil Hayden’s September Sour (Created by Julie Reiner)

2 parts Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon
3/4 parts Lemon Juice
1 bar spoon Benedictine Liqueur
3/4 parts Simple Syrup
1 dash Orange BItters
1/2 part Medium Bodied Red Wine
Combine all ingredients into a mixing tin and shake well
Strain the liquid into a coup glass
Float red wine on top of cocktail




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Basil Hayden’s Fourth of July Cocktails: The Summer Glow

Basil Haydens Fourth of July Cocktail 197x300 Basil Haydens Fourth of July Cocktails: The Summer GlowBasil Hayden’s has a delicious bourbon cocktail, The Basil Hayden’s Summer Glow, which combines Basil Hayden’s trademark spicy finish with refreshing coconut water and lemonade making the perfect cocktail to enjoy by the pool or while you watch the fireworks!

Basil Hayden’s Summer Glow 


1 ¼ parts Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon
1 part Coconut Water
1 part Pink Lemonade
1 part Ginger Ale
1. Add bourbon to a highball glass and fill with ice.
2. Add remaining ingredients and stir well.
3. Garnish with a lemon wedge.




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No Need for a Horse Race: The Basil Hayden’s Mint Julep Cocktail

basilhayden 300x300 No Need for a Horse Race: The Basil Haydens Mint Julep CocktailYa don’t need a horse race to enjoy a mint julep cocktail.  Check out this great cocktail by the bourbon experts.  This year Basil Hayden’s has teamed up with renowned Louisville mixologist Joy Perrine to create our own unique julep!  Knob Creek, the world’s #1 selling super-premium bourbon, makes a perfect mint julep, especially when you mix in Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve which ensures that every julep will have its own unique flavor!


Basil Hayden’s Triple Crown Julep (Created by Joy Perrine)



4 parts Basil Hayden’s ® Bourbon
4 chopped strawberries
10 Kentucky Colonel or Spearmint leaves
4 Lemon Wedges
1 part water
2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar

1. Muddle brown sugar and water in pint glass until sugar dissolves.
2. Add chopped strawberries, lemon wedges and mint leaves and muddle well
3. Add Basil Hayden’s and shake
4. Add ice and shake once again
5. Strain cocktail over crushed ice and garnish with a mint sprig and strawberry




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Father’s Day Cocktails: Bulleit Bourbon Cheer & George Dickel Old Fashioned

Bulleit Bourbon Fathers Day Cheer Father’s Day Cocktails: Bulleit Bourbon Cheer & George Dickel Old FashionedYou don’t have to wait till Father’s Day each year to let Dad know that you think he is awesome. However, the third Sunday in June is a day dedicated to make good old’ Dad feel extra special. Try spicing things up this Father’s Day with special drink recipes provided by Bulleit Bourbon and George Dickel. Ingredients, preparation, and a brief explanation of the cocktails are below.

Father’s Day Cheer


1.3 oz. Bulleit Bourbon (25 oz. per bottle)

4 oz. ginger ale

1 slice(s) lemon

2 dash(es) bitters

Preparation: Serve on the rocks. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

Even though Father’s Day means it’s a “family day”, the special time dedicated to Dad should be a joyous occasion. By whipping up the Father’s Day Cheer, you are guaranteed to have Dad grinning ear to ear.


Bulleit Rye Anytimer Father’s Day Cocktails: Bulleit Bourbon Cheer & George Dickel Old FashionedThe Anytimer


2 oz. Bulleit Rye

1 oz. Orange juice

1 oz. Lemon juice

½ oz. Simple Syrup

½ oz. amaretto

Preparation: Shake ingredients and strain into an ice filled tumbler. Garnish with orange & cherry.


Light on the stomach and sweet in taste, the Anytimer speaks for itself. Whether you are enjoying a cocktail during Father’s Day brunch (after 12:00 PM of course) or sitting by the pool for happy hour, the Anytimer is for all acceptable hours during the day and evening.


George Dickel Old Fashioned Cocktail Father’s Day Cocktails: Bulleit Bourbon Cheer & George Dickel Old Fashioned
Old Fashioned George Dickel


·         1 maraschino cherry

·         1 teaspoon(s) sugar

·         .25 oz. bitters

·         1 splash(es) water

·         1 oz. George Dickel Cascade Hollow Batch Recipe (25 oz. per bottle)

·         lemon twist

·         1 slice(s) orange

Preparation: Muddle sugar with bitters and water and add George Dickel Cascade Hollow Batch Recipe. Shake with ice and pour into an old fashioned glass. Garnish with lemon twist, orange slice and maraschino cherry.

When it comes down to it, Dad is the elder and most probably the wiser. Treat him to a cocktail that takes him on a trip down memory lane. With an Old Fashioned in hand, it’s guaranteed all of his stories will start to begin with “Back in my day…”




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Rain Organics Cucumber Lime Vodka Cocktails!

Rain Organics Cucumber Lime 167x300 Rain Organics Cucumber Lime Vodka Cocktails!Spring is in the air, and with that, comes refreshing drink suggestions from Rain Organics Vodka featuring its leading flavor combination Cucumber Lime.  Over the past year, Rain Organic’s Cucumber Lime vodka has experienced double digit growth and has developed a raving fan base among consumers and restaurants alike. “The flavored vodka category is up as a whole 19.7% on a 52 week basis, according to Nielsen data reports, and our Cucumber Lime is up more than that for the same period,” said Tracey Clapp, vodka brand manager. “It’s evident consumers are interested in trying new and unique taste combinations.  Our Rain Organics Cucumber Lime Vodka offers exactly that type of discovery experience by delivering the delicious flavors of just-picked cucumbers with fresh squeezed limes.  We are pleased to share these elegant and talk-worthy cocktails for you and your guests to enjoy this season.”


Spring Rain (Photo attached)

1 ¼ oz. Rain Organics Cucumber Lime Vodka

2 oz. Jumex® Strawberry Nectar (available at your grocery store)

Splash of simple syrup

Squeeze of lime juice

Combine and finish with a splash of lemon-lime soda. Serve in a Collins glass with a lime wheel and a sprig of mint.


Rain Summertime Refresher

1.5 oz. Rain Organics Cucumber Lime Vodka

Dash of fennel simple syrup (see below)

Club Soda

Place a cucumber slice at the bottom of a Collins glass and fill with ice. Add the Rain Organics Cucumber Lime Vodka, a dash of fennel simple syrup and finish with club soda.  Stir gently.

Garnish with a lime wedge and fresh fennel sprigs.

To make fennel simple syrup:  

Boil equal parts sugar to water and then simmer with fennel leaves.  

For Bloody Mary enthusiasts, Rain Cucumber Lime adds certain brightness to an old favorite and a fun, unexpected culinary twist.

The Cucumber Lime Vodka from Rain is part of the Rain Organics family, including Honey Mango Melon and unflavored original. All of the vodkas are seven-times distilled, USDA certified organic and are packaged in a beautiful glass bottle with an enticing splash of color as the stopper.


About Rain Organics Vodka

Rain Organics Vodka is hand-made in small batches using white organic corn and is distilled seven times for exceptional taste and smoothness.  The incredible quality comes from a delicate 20 day production process that includes cold-water, sweet mash fermentation, seven distinct distillations and a polishing stage that adds pure limestone filtered water. Rain Organics vodka is crafted exclusively at Buffalo Trace Distillery, three-time winner of Malt Advocate Magazine’s “Distillery of the Year” award. Rain Organics is marketed by the Sazerac Co., Inc, one of the leading international suppliers, importers and distributors of distilled spirits.




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Kentucky Derby Cocktails: Bulleit Ginger Julep & Bulleit Rye Mint Julep

This weekend for the Kentucky Derby, enjoy some great cocktails Kentucky Bourbon or an American classic rye whiskey.  Whether you prefer bourbon or consider yourself more of a rye whiskey fan, all party revelers can enjoy the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, the Mint Julep, thanks to recipes contributed by Bulleit Bourbon Frontier Whiskey:

Bulleit Bourbon Ginger Julep Cocktail 165x300 Kentucky Derby Cocktails: Bulleit Ginger Julep & Bulleit Rye Mint JulepThe Ginger Julep ’68 Fastback


o   1 ½ oz. Ginger Infused Bulleit Bourbon

o   ½ oz. Organic Brown Sugar

o   ¼ oz.  Peeled Minced Fresh Ginger

o   1 ½ oz. Soda Water

o   1 Lemon or Lime Twist


Directions: Muddle the ginger and brown sugar together until all of the sugar is moistened and nearly dissolved. Add a dash of soda to finish dissolving the sugar, stir in your Bourbon. Finish with ice, soda to taste and a lemon or lime twist.

Why we love it: The Ginger Julep ’68 Fastback brings a warm, gentle heat to the julep cocktail family with an invigorating ginger kick and splash of lime zest.


Bulleit Rye Mint Julep 175x300 Kentucky Derby Cocktails: Bulleit Ginger Julep & Bulleit Rye Mint JulepThe Bulleit Rye Mint Julep


o   1 1/3 oz. Bulleit Rye

o   1 ½-2 oz. Stirrings Simple Syrup

o   Fresh mint leaves

Directions: Muddle mint leaves, Stirrings Simple Syrup and crushed ice in rocks glass. Add Bulleit Rye and fill glass with ice. Pour into cocktail shaker, shake vigorously and serve in rocks glass with fresh mint garnish.

Why we love it: The mint julep has been the refreshing spring cocktail icon of the Kentucky Derby since 1938, proving its test of time as a classic and distinguished recipe.




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Basil Hayden’s Artist Cocktail Leaves You Speechless!!

Basil Haydens Artist Cocktail 194x300 Basil Haydens Artist Cocktail Leaves You Speechless!!On April 24th, throw on your flapper dress or your finest suit and get inspired by classic Hollywood glamour as you celebrate the DVD release of this year’s best picture, The Artist! The 1920’s Hollywood inspired film marked the return of romance and made it clear that some things are better left unsaid. But star Penelope Ann Miller couldn’t keep quiet about her love affair with Basil Hayden’s! So take a cue from Penelope and make Basil Hayden’s Your Whiskey!

Bail Hayden’s Golden Age (created by Brian Gastaldi)
1 1/2 parts Basil Hayden’s® Bourbon
3 Dash Bitters
1 Tablespoon Dark Fruit Preserves such as Plum, Black Cherry or Currant
½ part of Orange Juice

1. Combine all ingredients and ice in a mixing glass
2. Shake glass vigorously to a ten count and strain into a martini glass
3. Garnish with an Orange twist




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The Woodford Reserve $1,000 Mint Julep Cup

Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Gold Cup The Woodford Reserve $1,000 Mint Julep CupDerby season has arrived, and with it the seventh annual Woodford Reserve $1,000 Mint Julep Cup sale. There will be 65 “Traditional” cups and 10 “Prestige” cups available as 2012 marks the 75th year the mint julep has been the official drink of the Kentucky Derby – the Traditional and Prestige cups total 75. Every cup will be presented in the signature Woodford Reserve casing made from the same wood as Woodford Reserve barrels.

“Traditional” Julep Cups

These individually numbered cups have been meticulously hand-engraved with a beautiful horse scene along with the 2012 Kentucky Derby date and Woodford Reserve logo and will come with a sterling silver sipping straw. The lost art of hand-engraving involves the use of seven different graver tools, and takes approximately two and a half hours per cup, which means each cup is unique.

“Prestige” Julep Cups

In addition to the 65 Traditional cups there will also be 10 Prestige cups up for sale. These cups are sterling silver, plated in 24 karat gold and feature a diamond horseshoe with 43 diamonds totaling approximately one carat. A jeweler selects and sets each diamond by hand. These extremely rare cups will be double the price of the Traditional cups at $2,000 each.

The Exotic Ingredients

Owners of the Woodford Reserve $1,000 Mint Julep Cup will have the choice to enjoy a mint julep featuring a uniquely exotic set of ingredients from around the globe. For the first time ever, cup buyers will get to experience “double” the festivities as the Woodford Reserve $1,000 Mint Julep Cup Experience will feature “double” the ingredients:

The $1,000 Mint Julep Cup will feature the new, ultra-premium bourbon Woodford Reserve Double Oaked. Twice barreled in White Oak and matured to perfection in two unique, handcrafted barrels.

As Versailles, KY is named after Versailles, France and the two cities have shared that common bond for more than 200 years the $1,000 Mint Julep Cup will include water from Versailles, KY where Woodford Reserve is crafted as well as water from France to honor the French roots of Versailles, KY – the home of Woodford Reserve.
Rare Lemon mint grown in California as well as Kentucky Spearmint. The combination of the very unique Lemon mint and the Spearmint adds a fresh, light enhancement to the classic mint julep.

Bourbon Mint Julep Sugar and Bourbon Vanilla Sugar from Bourbon Barrel Foods in Louisville, KY. The Bourbon-Mint Julep Sugar has all the rich caramel flavors of raw sugar as well as the refreshing flavors of mint while the Bourbon Vanilla Sugar is an all natural Demerara sugar that’s packed and aged with Bourbon-Madagascar vanilla beans to enhance the molasses flavors of the sugar with the richness of vanilla.




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Crystal Head Vodka Cocktails: The Heads Up, Cranium, Pure-tini & Crystal Driver

Crystal Head Vodka1 logo 199x300 Crystal Head Vodka Cocktails: The Heads Up, Cranium, Pure tini & Crystal DriverCompiled By Matt Goldstein

The Crystal Head Vodka is one of the best vodka’s in the world.  Check out these great vodka cocktails from Crystal Head mixologists.  First, Try the ‘Heads Up,’ when you ask a bartender to give you a ‘Heads Up’, it’s Crystal Head, 7UP with a splash of bar lime over crushed ice.  Another favorite is the ‘Cranium’.  The Cranium is Crystal Head Vodka and cranberry topped with club soda over crushed ice.  Crushed ice is perfect in the Crystal Head shot glasses as there is not much room for full sized ice.

Another favorite Crystal Head drink is the ‘Pure-Tini.’  It’s a simple martini, garnished with little olives on a fancy little toothpick.  Pure: because of the pure spirit Crystal Head Vodka.

Dan’s (Aykroyd) favorite way to drink it is, as he calls it, the ‘Crystal Driver.’  Crystal Head and fresh squeezed orange or tangerine juice poured over it.  Dan says it should look like your adding an egg over it.  Don’t mix or stir.

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