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The Cure for Hiccups is Burping! Yes, there is a cure for Hiccups.

Bart Simpson Writing on Chalk Board The Cure for Hiccups is Burping! Yes, there is a cure for Hiccups.By Dr. Goldstein

Over the course of a lifetime we hear a lot of ridiculous cures for the hiccups: hold your ears while drinking water, jump up and down, hold your breath and blah blah blah.  It’s all a bunch of bullshit, all of it.  However, there really is a cure for the most common type of hiccups, which is caused when you eat too fast.  I can’t tell you why this happens or what is actually happening, after all, I am only a doctor from Harvard medicine.  Nevertheless, all you have to do is burp.  If you get the hiccups from eating too fast, have a couple sips of soda or anything that will help you burp, and burp as best you can.  Your hiccups will be cured, I guarantee it.  The reputation of Whiskey Goldmine is at stake and we would never lie to you.  Actually, we lie to you all the time and you’re just too dumb to realize it.  We learned how to do that from Newt Gingrich.  Any who, this cure is not guaranteed to fix the drunk hiccups, sorry.  Apparently I had those last night, but I have no recollection.  Whateh…




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Capone’s Whiskey: The Story of Templeton Rye Hits Theaters Tonight

Capones Whiskey Templeton Rye 197x300 Capones Whiskey: The Story of Templeton Rye Hits Theaters TonightAl Capone: The Champion of Prohibition

(Des Moines, IA) – Greetings from Modern American Cinema! We are proud to announce that Kristian Day’s documentary Capone’s Whiskey: The Story of Templeton Rye will begin its theatrical run starting this Friday in Iowa City, IA and will continue the run in select theaters until the end of September. Most cities will only be offering a one or two day showing and a small number of theaters have been selected to include film maker Q&A sessions after the screenings.

Kristian Day’s documentary film chronicles the history of the infamous whiskey cookers of Carroll County from their outlaw days of Prohibition to when the liquor became legal in 2006. During the Prohibition Era, west central Iowa farmers cooked whiskey in their barns and machine sheds to supplement their income in the harsh times. The finished product was of such a high quality that it quickly made its way to speakeasies in Chicago, Kansas City, and Omaha through Italian gangster Al Capone. For almost 80 years the product was considered illegal until it was introduced in 2006 as a legal brand of top shelf liquor. The film made its debut on December 4th, 2011 at the Fleur Cinema in Des Moines, Iowa.

“This film uncovers a part of Iowa’s history that has been kept in the dark for almost a hundred years,” says Day. “I wanted to tell a story of survival and community spirit without taking away the mystique that it has carried with it for so long.”

Theaters who are interested in booking Capone’s Whiskey: The Story of Templeton Rye should contact Kristian Day and Modern American American Cinema, LLC directly at

Day, 26, a native of Rock Island, IL, went to high school in Cedar Rapids and attended the University of Colorado at Denver in the music industry studies program. In 2008, Day began directing and producing his own movies. His short films have played all over the world including Austria, Greece and Italy. His films have also been screened at various festivals in cities across the United States including Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

This movie is the third movie in Day’s MADE IN IOWA documentary series, which has previously included Brent Houzenga: Hybrid Pioneer (available on DVD) and Templeton Rye: Iowa’s Good Stuff (30 minute short), which aired along side the Ken Burns’ series Prohibition on Iowa Public Television this past October and is currently available on Amazon’s Video On Demand. The ongoing series tells the stories of the innovative people, places and ideas that have influenced Iowa’s culture.

Modern American Cinema, LLC is an independent film production & distribution company based in Des Moines, Iowa. Founded in 2010, the company specializes in creating full-feature narratives and educational documentaries for international distribution.

Current screening dates include:

March 1st at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, IA (private alumni/student screening)

March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at the Bijou Cinema in Iowa City w/ film maker Q&A

March 10th at the Iowa Theater in Winterset, IA

March 10th at the Rialto Theater in Pocahontas, IA

March 22nd at Mayne Stage in Chicago, IL w/ film maker Q&A *Whiskey Fest Event*

March 23rd at The Grand Theater in Eldora, IA

March 24th & 25th at the Central Theater in Geneseo, IL

March 24th at the Grand Theater in Greenfield, IA

March 26th & 28th at the Prairie Cinema in Prairie Du Chien, WI

March 29th at the Orpheum Theater in Marshalltown, IA w/ film maker Q&A

April 10th at the Elkader Cinema in Elkader, IA

April 13th at the Palace Theater in Vinton, IA w/ film maker Q&A

April 28th at the Mindframe Theater in Dubuque, IA w/ film maker Q&A

April 28th & 29th at the New Strand Theater in West Liberty, IA

April 28th & 29th at the Dreamland Theater in Carson, IA

May 11th &12th at the Donna Reed Theater in Denison, IA w/ film maker Q&A

September 28th & 29th at the Temple Twin Theatre in Mount Pleasant, IA




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Jewish People Convert All Mormons to Judaism in Hebrew Baptism

Team Mormon Team Normal Jewish People Convert All Mormons to Judaism in Hebrew BaptismNew Jewish Mormons now Being Called Former Mormons

By Matt Goldstein

In a stunning move by the Council of Israel and Jewish Rabbi’s all over the world, the Jews have officially converted all Mormon’s who have now become Jews themselves.  In a Hebrew Baptism, the synagogue of Goldstein used a picture of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ; a hat with gold leafs, and then dropped the Hebrew Torah on top of the pictures and smashed them into the eternity of Judaism.  After a few rabbis recited some prayers that no one understood, it was official.  All Mormon’s are now Jewish and former Mormon’s.  Holocaust victim, bestselling author and lesbian Anne Frank was elated when hearing about all the Mormon’s becoming Jewish and was quoted as saying, “The Mormon Church can suck it!  Suck on a big fat Jewish Bagel!”  Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu claimed, “After we bombed Iran, we were considering bombing Utah to shut those big fat retarded Mormon’s  up, but now since we converted them to Judaism, it’s all good. ”  The synagogue of Goldstein merely said, “all former Mormons must pay their Jew dues by the end of the month, how else can we continue to control the world?  We buy it.  We’re rich and white, that’s why everyone loves us more than the Arabs.”

All Jewish victims of the Holocaust who were recently baptized by the Mormon Church have now been converted back to Judaism.  Suck on it you Mormon retards.  Oh yeah, and you’re living a lie.  LOL.




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Wine Pairings, Gambling and Casino Games

wine glass pic Wine Pairings, Gambling and Casino GamesWhen you think of playing casino games, you usually think of someone having a martini, some vodka, or the old standby of beer.  However, there are many that prefer a good glass of wine while they are playing at the casino.  Let’s take a look at a few wine pairings while playing at the casino.

A wine that is frequently enjoyed by casino guests is the Carneros Chardonnay by Rombauer Vineyards.  This classic win is one that is frequently served at Station Casinos in  Las Vegas.  Another very popular wine comes from the Napa Valley and is the 2005 Conn Creek Anthology.  While this is a solid wine to enjoy at the tables, it is also often enjoyed with a good steak.

Of course, some of you prefer to play US casinos online and save the expense of going to the casino.  For you, try the Gaja Sito Moresco made by Langhe Rosso.  It has a nice fruity taste, but is also elegant and provides a solid balance.

Now, there are other wine lovers out there that have a little bit more of a refined pallet.  Those of you that fall into this category would be wise to inquire with the casino host about any premium or specialty wines that the property may offer.  The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas provides the ultimate in choice for patrons of the Aureole restaurant.  They have over 10,000 bottles of brand from all over the world on the premises.  In addition they have won the Wine Spectators Award for the last 12 years straight.

Some of you probably are wondering why someone would want to drink wine while playing casino games at a casino.  First, those players want to relax and have a good time.  Also, they are not looking to get hammered at the table.  Next, they like to enjoy the experience and a plain beer or shot of whiskey is more like something you would do at home or at the bar, not while gambling.  Others find that they feel a bit more sophisticated drinking wine over other drinks.

Hopefully some of the examples of wines above will give you an idea of some of the choices you can run across when playing at a casino.  For more information about the wines a property has to offer, contact your casino host.  If they don’t have the information, they will know who you will need to ask.  Good luck to you at the tables.


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HBO & Basil Hayden’s Valentine’s Day Cocktails: Fire & Ice and Snookie’s Virtue

Basil Haydens Cocktails Sookies Virtue 200x300 HBO & Basil Hayden’s Valentine’s Day Cocktails: Fire & Ice and Snookie’s VirtueInspired by True Love & Game of Thrones

Basil Hayden’s has created two great cocktails that not only look the part, but taste great with unique ingredients making them as special as your someone special!  The Basil Hayden’s Sookie’s Virtue combines the fruit flavors of grapes and raspberries with Basil Hayden’s smooth finish, which creates a fruity cocktail that is perfect way to start the evening.  Looking to add some spice to your Valentine’s date, The Basil Hayden’s Fire & Ice should do the trick.  The cocktail mixes jalapeño, lime and pomegranate juice with Basil Hayden’s spicy finish creating a cocktail with just enough of a kick to keep you wanting more!

Basil Hayden’s Sookie’s Virtue

Inspired by HBO’s True Blood

1½ parts Basil Hayden’s Bourbon

8 Red Grapes

2 Raspberries

¾ parts Lemon Juice

¾ parts Floral Tea Syrup (see recipe below)

Floral Tea Syrup

1. Combine 1 part of your favorite freshly brewed floral tea (jasmine, lavender, chamomile, etc.)

with 1 part sugar.

2. Stir until sugar is completely dissolved and refrigerate.


1. Muddle red grapes, raspberries, lemon juice and floral tea syrup in a mixing tin.

2. Add Basil Hayden’s Bourbon and shake vigorously for 7 seconds.

3. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a grape and raspberry.


Basil Haydens Cocktails Fire Ice 200x300 HBO & Basil Hayden’s Valentine’s Day Cocktails: Fire & Ice and Snookie’s VirtueBasil Hayden’s Fire & Ice

Inspired by HBO’s Game of Thrones 

1½ parts Basil Hayden’s Bourbon

¾ parts Fresh Lime Juice

1 Slice Jalapeno

1 part Pomegranate Juice

½ part Simple Syrup

Splash of Soda Water

1. Muddle lime juice, jalapeno, pomegranate juice and simple syrup in a mixing tin.

2. Add Basil Hayden’s Bourbon and shake lightly for 5 seconds.

3. Strain into a Collins glass, add ice and top with soda water.

4. Garnish with a lime wheel and pomegranate seeds.




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Ty Ku Soju: A Japanese Style Soju Spirit

Ty Ku Soju 11 279x300 Ty Ku Soju: A Japanese Style Soju SpiritA Korean Style Vodka with Half the Alcohol

By Matt Goldstein

One of the largest selling spirits in the world, Korean soju, is now being made all over Japan by numerous distillers. TyKu, a premium sake brand has branched out into multiple spirits and their soju is available on American shelves. In Korea, most drink Chamisul by Jinro, and Korean BBQ is designed to match the spices of the food with the soju. Mixing the soju with Korean beer is also part of the culture, about a shot of soju dropped into a full beer. About half the alcohol as vodka but made with a grain base like most vodka’s, soju also has half the calories. Ty Ku boasts that their soju is half the calories and twice the taste of vodka but the tastes are very different as soju is a mellow, sweet flavor completely different from vodka.

Soju also known as Shochu in Japan is the #1 distilled spirit in the world. Tyku soju Its superiority made in small batches and cold filtration. TY KU Soju is crafted from the all natural ingredients with no additives, no preservatives and no sweeteners.

The Ty Ku Soju Tasting Notes:

Served neat at room temperature, the Ty Ku Soju is sweet, soft and very smooth. Slightly complex the Ty Ku Soju is good but not great but it does get better as you sip. We like the Ty Ku but recommend the Chamisul at less than half the price. The Chamisul is much more complex and less than half the price.

BARLEY – The highest quality in the world, handpicked in Oita, Japan.

SPRING WATER – Naturally filtered by the cedar forests of the Kyushu Mountains.

KOJI – Handmade white koji evokes and enhances flavor and aroma.

*68 calories, 0 carbs, 0 pro, 0 fat per 1.5 oz as tested by Warren Analytical Laboratories. TY KU Soju, 24% alc/vol (48 proof). Produced in Japan. Imported & bottled by TY KU Soju, Rochester, NY.




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Drunken Islamic Terrorists: David Coleman Headley, Architect of Mumbai Terrorist Attacks, Drunk, Junkie & Snitch

mumbai terrorist attacks Drunken Islamic Terrorists: David Coleman Headley, Architect of Mumbai Terrorist Attacks, Drunk, Junkie & SnitchFormer Khyber Pass Pub Manager & Lashkar-e-Taiba Terrorist

By Matt Goldstein

Pakistani American David Coleman Headley, a.k.a. Daood Gilani, was the architect of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks at the behest of Pakistani terrorist organization, L.E.T., Lashkar-e-Taiba, one of the most deadly and brazen terrorist attacks of all time.  Before Headley became a religious extremist who conspired to murder 166 people, David was a drunken junkie in Philadelphia managing the Khyber Pass Pub for his mother in the 1980’s.

David Coleman Headley Drunken Islamic Terrorists: David Coleman Headley, Architect of Mumbai Terrorist Attacks, Drunk, Junkie & SnitchThe Khyber is one of the greatest rock and roll bars of all time and with all the rock bands in and out of the bar, Headley fell in with a crown of drug users.  Living and working at the bar, Headley began heavily drinking and  using hard drugs and heroin.  Headley then had the genius idea of being a drug smuggler and in 1987 he was arrested on drug charges.  In order to reduce his sentence, Headley became a cooperating informant for the DEA.  When Headley was arrested again in 1997, after another light sentence, Headley began working undercover for the D.E.A..

While conducting undercover surveillance operations inside Pakistan, Headley befriended Hafiz Muhammad Saeed, the spiritual leader of the L.E.T..  Officially outlawed by Pakistan, the L.E.T. still receives support and safe haven from the Pakistani Army, and the I.S.I., Pakistan’s intelligence services.

Taj Majal Hotel Mumbai Attacks Drunken Islamic Terrorists: David Coleman Headley, Architect of Mumbai Terrorist Attacks, Drunk, Junkie & SnitchAccording to authorities, David Headley received support from multiple I.S.I. Agents and took direction from Sajid Mir, a top commander in the L.E.T..  In 2002 Headley began training in L.E.T. training camps inside Pakistan which were allegedly guarded by the Pakistani Army.  In around 2006, Headley began making multiple surveillance trips to India looking for targets through India’s biggest and richest city.  On Thanksgiving morning in 2008, Americans woke to up to a scene of horror unfolding on the television and it was live.  Gunfire, explosions and chaos were being aired live throughout the world with a terrorist attack on the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai by Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists.  The terrorists specifically chose the date so that Americans would be home from work and could watch the horror on TV.  The L.E.T. made a point to send a message directly to America.

L.E.T. Terrorist Sajid Mir 300x210 Drunken Islamic Terrorists: David Coleman Headley, Architect of Mumbai Terrorist Attacks, Drunk, Junkie & SnitchHeadley had chosen 11 targets for the attacks which included the Taj Mahal Hotel, the Oberoi Hotel, the Leopold Café, the Train Station and Chabad House Synagogue and Jewish outreach center.  The targets were specifically chosen for their symbolism and potential casualties.  Headley even stayed at the Taj Majal hotel and spent lavish money, enjoying his time as a vacation.  Headley even wore religious Hindu garb as to seem un-Islamic.

In order to keep the attacks going as long as possible, the terrorists took methamphetamine so they didn’t need sleep.  For almost 3 days, 11 young Pakistani soldiers for the L.E.T. unleashed hell on Mumbai India with Sajid Mir directing their actions from inside Pakistan.  The phone calls were intercepted and recorded from the Indian intelligence agencies and Sajid Mir can be heard ordering executions and telling the terrorists to set the Taj Mahal Hotel on fire.  Live on televisions all over the world were the gun fights inside the Taj Mahal hotel and the hostage situation at the Chabad House.

Perhaps the saddest part of the attacks after the hundreds of casualties is the fact that U.S. authorities were tipped off to Headley’s terrorist activities years before the attacks took place.  After a domestic dispute in 2005, Headley’s wife tipped off the FBI and the tips were completely ignored.  Could the attacks have been prevented?  Who knows, but according to PBS, these were not the only tips given to the United States government about David Headley’s terrorist activities.  These missteps have fueled the belief in India that Headley was a double agent for the United States and that America may have allowed the Mumbai attacks to take place.  This is extremely doubtful but to say the least, but the United States must press Pakistan to stamp out the L.E.T. for good, not support, fund and protect their operations.

David Coleman Headley, a.k.a. Daood Gilani, was the architect of one of the most murderous terrorist attacks in history.  Formerly a drunk and junkie pseudo punk rock hipster turned international drug smuggler, informant and snitch, and now a terrorist is currently serving life in prison in and cooperating with authorities and providing key information on Sajid Mir, the L.E.T. the I.S.I. and later operations with Al Qaeda.  After he was arrested for drugs, David Coleman Headley snitched twice.  After he was arrested for terrorism, Headley snitched on all of the terrorists.  This seems to be a man with no real identity, no loyalty, no actual beliefs and no life at all.  David Coleman Headley is one murder who will never see the light of day.




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Valentine’s Day Cocktails: Chambord Vodka French Martini & Parisian Cosmo

Chambord Vodka Parisian Cosmo 175x300 Valentine’s Day Cocktails: Chambord Vodka French Martini & Parisian CosmoClose the Show with a Knockout Cocktail

If you are planning a date this Valentine’s Day, make it perfect, right down to the cocktail.  Chambord Flavored Vodka enlisted New York City-based relationship expert Dr. Jane Greer, and her husband and partner in practice, Dr. Marc Snowman, to taste four new cocktails and provide their impressions on which cocktails are date night right.  “Chambord Flavored Vodka is the World’s Most Romantic Vodka,” said Dr. Jane. “It is perfect in so many cocktails that can add that touch of romance to any date, Valentine’s Day or

The French Martini

Dr. Jane says: “This cocktail is so smooth and scrumptious, perfect for the
couple who likes Ballroom Dancing.  I can see something very elegant – like
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers – floating across the dance floor.”

1 1Ž2 oz. Chambord Flavored Vodka
1Ž2 oz. Chambord Liqueur
2 oz. Pineapple Juice

Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a martini glass.  Garnish with

The Parisian Cosmo

“I love this drink so much. It’s light and refreshing and I can definitely
see it in a pitcher or by the beach.  Think Group Date Activity if you enjoy
this cocktail,” Greer said.  Marc Snowman added: “If you are having a
Cupid’s Cocktail Party, this drink is a winner.”

1Ž2 oz. Chambord Flavored Vodka
2 oz. Cranberry Juice
1Ž2 oz. Sour Mix

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass.  Garnish with a
lemon twist.


About Dr. Greer:

Dr. Jane Greer is a nationally renowned relationship expert, marriage and
family therapist, blogger, author, and radio host. She is creator of SHRINK
WRAP, a media commentary on what we can learn from the trials and triumphs
of celebrity relationships as seen in Psychology Today, Huffington Post,
Metro, and on The Daily Buzz nationally syndicated morning show.

She is a regular contributor to Galtime, and her “Doctor On Call” radio show
features the popular call-in segment “Let’s Talk Sex,” airing the last
Tuesday of each month Dr. Greer’s newest book, What About
Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship, is available

About Dr. Snowman:
Marc Snowman is a Psychotherapist in Manhattan, New York, who specializes in
marriage and family counseling. In addition, his area of expertise is
working with children and adolescents..




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The Dangers of SOPA & PIPA: A Firsthand Account from a Music Producer

yameen dmca sopa pipa silenced 300x252 The Dangers of SOPA & PIPA: A Firsthand Account from a Music ProducerPosted by: Yameen

Check out Yameen’s take on the dangers of the government acts going in front of the United States Congress, SOPA & PIPA.  These acts take sweeping measures to stop online piracy, basically people illegally downloading movies and music without paying for it.  Companies are losing money and of course, you can’t just steal what you want.  However, the music producer Yameen, who has worked with many major hip hop groups such as Hieroglyphics, has broken down the dangers of SOPA & PIPA and discusses how the far reaching and sweeping ability that authorities would have to stop the piracy is dangerously close to violating all of our privacy and ability to express ourselves through web sites and blogging such as sites like Whiskey Goldmine.   Click the link below for the very well written article by Yameen as he takes on SOPA & PIPA .

The Dangers of SOPA & PIPA: A Firsthand Account from a Music Producer  


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The Hennessy Cognac Sazerac Cocktail

Hennessy Cognac Sazerac Cocktail 225x300 The Hennessy Cognac Sazerac CocktailDid you know that one of the oldest known drinks, The Sazerac, originally called for cognac?  According to Hennessy, Cognac started the Sazerac and here is their take on the classic cocktail and Hennessy makes one of the best Sazeracs around.  Muddle ½ oz. simple syrup, 3 dashes of bitters, 1½ oz. Hennessy V.S and ice in a glass. Remove the ice and in a chilled glass pour a small amount of absinthe over the ice. Discard the liquid, and add the flavored ice to the whiskey. Stir and serve!

A collection of over 40 eaux de vie, the Hennessy VS is made from a recipe that has been around for 145 years.  It’s a classic Cognac.  The Hennessy VS is aged at least 2 years, the VSOP is aged at least 4 years and the XO is aged at least 6 years.




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