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Stolichnaya Vodka, Absolut Vodka & Skyy Vodka Trials!

Stoli stolichnaya vodka poster Stolichnaya Vodka, Absolut Vodka & Skyy Vodka Trials!  Vodka Heavyweights Go Head to Head

By Matt Goldstein

In part one of the Whiskeygoldmine Vodka Trials, we took three staples of the American vodka consumer, Stoli, Absolut and Skyy.  Like most vodkas consumed in America, these staples are made from grain.   Stoli is distilled in Russia, Absolut in Sweden, and Skyy in the United States.       

The Stoli Vodka Martini

In 1972 at the height of the Cold War, the Unites States & Russia reached a trade deal for Pepsi Cola and Stolichnaya Vodka.  We won’t say which, but one of those countries definitely got the short end of the stick.  In 1985 when Gorbachev instituted Perestroika, Stolichnaya became open to the West.  Made from wheat, rye and glacier water, Stoli is considered to be the classic Russian vodka.   In our first Whiskeygoldmine vodka taste test, Stolichnaya crushed the competition.  The Stolichnaya Vodka martini has a great bite with a thin and beautiful vodka flavor.  The Stoli is sweet, dry and very complex.   There is an overall excellence about this vodka and it separated itself from the pack.  Stoli beat out Absolut and Skyy vodkas with ease. 


absolut vodka pic1 140x300 Stolichnaya Vodka, Absolut Vodka & Skyy Vodka Trials!  The Absolut Vodka Martini

Created over 130 years ago, every drop of Absolut comes from a small village in Ahus, Southern Sweden.   Absolut appeared in America in 1979 and by 2007, Absolut was the fourth largest selling liquor brand in the world behind Smirnoff, Bacardi and Johnnie Walker.  The Absolut martini has a solid bite, bitter aftertaste and good finish.  With a thick mouth feel and a taste of sweet syrup and vanilla, the dry and pleasantly smooth aftertaste makes for a solid vodka and solid martini.  Absolut Vodka effortlessly beat out Skyy Vodka in our first vodka taste test.    


Skyy Vodka Martini

Founded in 1992, Skyy Vodka is created with quadruple distillation, triple fermentation and reverse osmosis, and independent tests claim that Skyy has fewer impurities than any other vodka.  Perhaps, the lack of impurities adds to the lack of character.  Skyy has a thin vodka flavor, yet tangy with a good bite.  We love bite in a vodka but Skyy seriously lacks of flavor and personality.  Although Skyy is less expensive than Stoli and Absolut, there are many vodkas at this price range that are much better than Skyy such as Svedka, Prairie, Danzka and Luksosawa.     

Grey Goose Vodka  Martini 

Chopin Potato Vodka Martini 

Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka





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Courvoisier VS, Courvoisier Exclusif VSOP, Hennessy VS

hennessy vs cognac 273x300 Courvoisier VS, Courvoisier Exclusif VSOP, Hennessy VS

By Matt Goldstein

Courvoisier VS: 

The number 4 of our Cognac trial, the Courvoisier VS, was simply very good.  The VS has great bite, distinctive flavor but yet is still smooth like an exceptionally aged Cognac.  Also aged a little longer than the average VS, which is at least 2 years, the Courvoisier has a great aroma.  It’s a great buy for around $30. 

Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif: 

Although it’s an excellent Cognac, for around $50 per bottle, we expected a lot more out of the Courvoisier Exclusif.  It was very enjoyable, but all four Cognacs above are a better buy.  The Courvoisier web site claims that the Exclusif was designed to be mixed.  Mixed?  A mixer that costs $50?  Please.  You’re better off using a $15 brandy.  You won’t know the difference, trust us.  The Exclusif VSOP is also aged more than the average VSOP, hence the price.  But it is a good Cognac none the less.  The Exclusif really grows on you.  It’s taken time for this Cognac to grow on us but after drinking the Courvoisier Exclusif on 6 different occasions, this drink is definitely elite.

Hennessy VS: 

Although a little too smooth and lacking a little bite, the Hennessy VS was still pretty good.  It has a great nose and is just a solid Cognac.  A collection of over 40 eaux de vie, the Hennessy VS is made from a recipe that has been around for 145 years.  It’s a classic Cognac.  This is a best buy pound for pound for your dollar.


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