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Gurkha Symphony: The Smooth Operator Cigar

gurkha symphony Gurkha Symphony: The Smooth Operator CigarBy Haroon Mihtar

Size: Robusto 6×50

Price: $9-$10.00 individually (substantially cheaper if purchased in bundle/box)

• Wrapper: Connecticut

• Filler: Nicaraguan

• Binder: Dominican

• Size: Robusto 5×52

• Strength: Mild-Medium

I smoked my first Gurkha symphony in a sampler pack I ordered from an online catalog, and it was phenomenal to say the least.  As long as I can remember smoking Cigars I have always heard customers throw the name Gurkha around.  It was one of those things when you hear a name and want to ask but are too preoccupied with your own purchase to engage.  A few weeks ago I finally decided to put an end to what all the hype was about with this boutique cigar; so I went ahead and ordered a sampler pack.

One of the first things I noticed about the cigar which is tattooed with a double band donning the fat Gurkha warrior on one and the signature of the boutique owner Kaizad Hansotia, on the other. The sandwich certainly looked the part of a premium cigar with the light Connecticut shade wrapper and fancy bands.

The Smoke:

The moment I lit this baby, it was evident I was not dealing with a bargain basement cigar.  The moment the first jab (first draw) hit me I knew I was dealing with a major contender in the premium cigar market. This Cigar made its firm impression right of the bat, light, creamy and a draw that I can only beautifully describe as like straw.

This Cigar maintained a consistency that would have turned any Cigar smoker a believer.  The 1/3 of the cigar had a mild smooth character that was surprising considering even the mildest of cigars start with some sort of punch so to speak, but this one maintained its integrity of mildness.

As I started the 2/3 of the cigar it was now clearly evident this cigar was not about to fold under the bright lights, it was here to stay, the cigar maintained the smooth consistent character without hesitation, the only thing that I found to be a bit disappointing was the uneven burn and ash which was not consistent.  Notwithstanding it was on its way to a late round TKO victory in my book but we still had the final third.  As the bell rang for the final third of the cigar it stepped up like a true contender and performed to near perfection with an immaculate finish that can only be described as light peppery, smooth, creamy and buttery to the point I thought I was smoking a stick of Land “O” Lakes butter.

I knew it was something special when I began to hear Etta James “At Last” Play in my brain. It was the exclamation point to a phenomenal cigar that I would recommend to any true aficionado that appreciates a premium mild cigar.  The mild consistency of this Cigar is as intriguing as a Chicago 1920’s Brothel.

RATING: 8.7 (on a scale of 1 to 10)

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Haroon Mihtar Cigar 300x223 Gurkha Symphony: The Smooth Operator Cigar

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Tony Borhani’s Bahia Trinidad

cigars 1111 Tony Borhani’s Bahia Trinidad The Best Bang for Your Buck in the Entire Cigar Market!

By Haroon Mihtar 

Wrapper: Nicaragua (Sumatra seed)
Filler: Nicaragua & Dominican Republic (Cuban seed)
Binder: Ecuador (Sumatra seed)
Size:Pancho 52 x 6
Strength: Mild-Medium Bodied

There are very rare products in the cigar industry that one can rant and rave about in regards to quality and price.  Tony Borhani’s boutique Cigar Brands Bahia are on the list.

This well constructed Nicaraguan beauty is everything a man can want in a cigar with its great light up start that hints mingling notes of cedar, cinnamon and creamy butter.  It has a great smooth light along with a consistent smoke that ranks up there with the very best of cigars.  As I continued my beautiful journey smoking this cigar, I found myself in the jungle with a bunch of beautiful semi-naked Amazon women warriors….wait.  I am sorry that was a different cigar and dream.

Notwithstanding I must say this cigar is my favorite everyday cigar.  It has won my heart over, but I won’t get in too deep about the experience of our affair.  Let’s just stick with the major points.  This is without a doubt the best bang for your buck cigar in the whole cigar industry!  The quality of the cigar is just way above anything one would imagine for the price it goes for.

I bought 3 bundles of 20 cigars for $29.95 each from cigars International which puts each cigar at a price point of $1.50 per cigar!  Need I say more?  Pound for pound this is the best cigar on market for the price hands down, and yes you’re an idiot of you don’t buy at least a few bundles for your humidor.

Haroon Mihtar
Senior Cigar Aficionado

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Haroon Mihtar Cigar 300x223 Tony Borhani’s Bahia Trinidad

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CAO Gold: A Mild Bodied Churchill Cigar

cao gold cigar CAO Gold: A Mild Bodied Churchill Cigar by Haroon Mihtar 

Cigar: CAO Gold
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Mild Bodied

When I first started smoking cigars a while back and ever got a request to suggest something “nice,” this was the cigar I would recommend with my then virgin knowledge.  It is a rich flavor with mild smoke. CAO Gold has a marvelous golden brown wrapper with a few veins but nothing that stands out in a course or vulgar way.  It was well rolled with a decent weight to it.  I used a V- cutter on this cigar as it’s the perfect way to cut a cigar without compromising the integrity of the wrapper.  The pre-light draw and aroma were kind of farm land like with firm yet subtle notes of hay stacks and earth, usually the trademark of a mild cigar. As I smoked I couldn’t help thinking about this one nice experience I had with a College cheerleader at the Hyatt Regency Hotel …. Ok we won’t go there.

From the first light of the CAO Gold there is a fluent creamy smoke. The first third of this Nicaraguan sandwich offers some illusive notes of wood and nuts. The second third of the cigar, the wood character moved to the front with an insinuation of sweetness similar to caramel. In the final third of the cigar, the timber tones remained, but the paramount note was that of nuts which left me with a very enjoyable nutty conclusion. The cigar had a great even burn throughout that never needed to be touched up.

The draw of the Cigar was somewhat of a disappointment.  It was good but I just expected a lot better from CAO  The bottom line is that the CAO Gold is a real good mild cigar with a really good flavor from that even a seasoned veteran can enjoy. I found it to be a very relaxing smoke that will please just about any palate. Price wise I will pull no punches at about $8-$10 a Cigar, it’s a bit overpriced.  Notwithstanding the CAO gold has gained a reputation the world over as being a premium cigar that commands respect and love.

Haroon Mihtar
Senior Cigar Aficionado

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Haroon Mihtar Cigar1 300x223 CAO Gold: A Mild Bodied Churchill Cigar






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Oliva Serie G, Toro: A Mild Bodied Cigar

oliva serie g Oliva Serie G, Toro: A Mild Bodied Cigar Cameroon Wrapper-Nicaraguan Filler

By Haroon Mihtar

I light up and get a fantastic aroma.  The initial taste is smooth and a kind of spicy. That slowly settles down and the creamy smoke begins to give a nut, and almost buttery flow.  Nearly halfway down, a little leather and cocoa sneak in and out.  The puffs are plentiful and remind me of a good Asian massage I once had in Chicago.

The draw on the cigar was good and flowed with little effort.  As I continue my journey smoking I began to see myself on a beach in Aden on a cool night.  Nice. Furthermore if you’re looking for a Cigar to compliment a Coffee this is the lottery ticket, I had a Starbucks red eye and it was a marriage made in heaven.

Along with the African Cameroon wrapper, this Toro size gem features a Cuban-seed Habano binder and a Nicaraguan filler – Construction and assembly is very good, although I would highly recommend they be well humidified as to avoid stiffness, as toward the end, the wrapper began to develop some small splits.

Overall The Oliva Serie G is one of the best buys for your money at around $3.50-$4.00 a pop.  It’s a great buy for those looking for a medium bodied Cigar at a good price.

Haroon Mihtar

Senior Cigar Aficionado

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Haroon Mihtar Cigar 300x223 Oliva Serie G, Toro: A Mild Bodied Cigar




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