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CAO Gold: A Mild Bodied Churchill Cigar

cao gold cigar CAO Gold: A Mild Bodied Churchill Cigar by Haroon Mihtar 

Cigar: CAO Gold
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Strength: Mild Bodied

When I first started smoking cigars a while back and ever got a request to suggest something “nice,” this was the cigar I would recommend with my then virgin knowledge.  It is a rich flavor with mild smoke. CAO Gold has a marvelous golden brown wrapper with a few veins but nothing that stands out in a course or vulgar way.  It was well rolled with a decent weight to it.  I used a V- cutter on this cigar as it’s the perfect way to cut a cigar without compromising the integrity of the wrapper.  The pre-light draw and aroma were kind of farm land like with firm yet subtle notes of hay stacks and earth, usually the trademark of a mild cigar. As I smoked I couldn’t help thinking about this one nice experience I had with a College cheerleader at the Hyatt Regency Hotel …. Ok we won’t go there.

From the first light of the CAO Gold there is a fluent creamy smoke. The first third of this Nicaraguan sandwich offers some illusive notes of wood and nuts. The second third of the cigar, the wood character moved to the front with an insinuation of sweetness similar to caramel. In the final third of the cigar, the timber tones remained, but the paramount note was that of nuts which left me with a very enjoyable nutty conclusion. The cigar had a great even burn throughout that never needed to be touched up.

The draw of the Cigar was somewhat of a disappointment.  It was good but I just expected a lot better from CAO  The bottom line is that the CAO Gold is a real good mild cigar with a really good flavor from that even a seasoned veteran can enjoy. I found it to be a very relaxing smoke that will please just about any palate. Price wise I will pull no punches at about $8-$10 a Cigar, it’s a bit overpriced.  Notwithstanding the CAO gold has gained a reputation the world over as being a premium cigar that commands respect and love.

Haroon Mihtar
Senior Cigar Aficionado

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Haroon Mihtar Cigar1 300x223 CAO Gold: A Mild Bodied Churchill Cigar






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