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The Gran Habano 3 SLS Torpedo Cigar

gran habano torpedo SLS cigar The Gran Habano 3 SLS Torpedo CigarA Great After Dinner Full Bodied Cigar,

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The first inclination in selecting a new cigar is the visual appearance.  When I glanced at the Gran Habano Tordedo 3 SLS, they looked perfect, without any blemish or discoloration, and very smooth when I pulled it out of the plastic.  I have heard that this cigar has no flavor, so I had to test it for myself.  Before lighting the cigar, I noticed the excellent scent of cured tobacco. Also the Nicaraguan shade grown reddish-brown wrapper is flawless with awesome construction. The label 3 signifies three wonderful ligeros from three great tobacco farming regions countries, which means it’s a full-bodied cigar.  The cigar when smoked has a beginning, a middle, and an end, so try to notice the taste at each stage.  At the beginning, a light draw, and best to have with a beverage.  At mid point the cigar really opened up and got stronger with a smoother draw.  Towards the end, I got a creamy, coffee, and spicy full-body flavor.  Overall, a great after dinner cigar!

Full Body Triple Ligero
Wrapper – Corojo, Nicaragua Shade Grown
Binder – Habano, Nicaragua
Filler – Habano, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cubita (Columbia)




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