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Gurkha Symphony: The Smooth Operator Cigar

gurkha symphony Gurkha Symphony: The Smooth Operator CigarBy Haroon Mihtar

Size: Robusto 6×50

Price: $9-$10.00 individually (substantially cheaper if purchased in bundle/box)

• Wrapper: Connecticut

• Filler: Nicaraguan

• Binder: Dominican

• Size: Robusto 5×52

• Strength: Mild-Medium

I smoked my first Gurkha symphony in a sampler pack I ordered from an online catalog, and it was phenomenal to say the least.  As long as I can remember smoking Cigars I have always heard customers throw the name Gurkha around.  It was one of those things when you hear a name and want to ask but are too preoccupied with your own purchase to engage.  A few weeks ago I finally decided to put an end to what all the hype was about with this boutique cigar; so I went ahead and ordered a sampler pack.

One of the first things I noticed about the cigar which is tattooed with a double band donning the fat Gurkha warrior on one and the signature of the boutique owner Kaizad Hansotia, on the other. The sandwich certainly looked the part of a premium cigar with the light Connecticut shade wrapper and fancy bands.

The Smoke:

The moment I lit this baby, it was evident I was not dealing with a bargain basement cigar.  The moment the first jab (first draw) hit me I knew I was dealing with a major contender in the premium cigar market. This Cigar made its firm impression right of the bat, light, creamy and a draw that I can only beautifully describe as like straw.

This Cigar maintained a consistency that would have turned any Cigar smoker a believer.  The 1/3 of the cigar had a mild smooth character that was surprising considering even the mildest of cigars start with some sort of punch so to speak, but this one maintained its integrity of mildness.

As I started the 2/3 of the cigar it was now clearly evident this cigar was not about to fold under the bright lights, it was here to stay, the cigar maintained the smooth consistent character without hesitation, the only thing that I found to be a bit disappointing was the uneven burn and ash which was not consistent.  Notwithstanding it was on its way to a late round TKO victory in my book but we still had the final third.  As the bell rang for the final third of the cigar it stepped up like a true contender and performed to near perfection with an immaculate finish that can only be described as light peppery, smooth, creamy and buttery to the point I thought I was smoking a stick of Land “O” Lakes butter.

I knew it was something special when I began to hear Etta James “At Last” Play in my brain. It was the exclamation point to a phenomenal cigar that I would recommend to any true aficionado that appreciates a premium mild cigar.  The mild consistency of this Cigar is as intriguing as a Chicago 1920’s Brothel.

RATING: 8.7 (on a scale of 1 to 10)

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Haroon Mihtar Cigar 300x223 Gurkha Symphony: The Smooth Operator Cigar

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