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Tony Borhani’s Bahia Trinidad

cigars 1111 Tony Borhani’s Bahia Trinidad The Best Bang for Your Buck in the Entire Cigar Market!

By Haroon Mihtar 

Wrapper: Nicaragua (Sumatra seed)
Filler: Nicaragua & Dominican Republic (Cuban seed)
Binder: Ecuador (Sumatra seed)
Size:Pancho 52 x 6
Strength: Mild-Medium Bodied

There are very rare products in the cigar industry that one can rant and rave about in regards to quality and price.  Tony Borhani’s boutique Cigar Brands Bahia are on the list.

This well constructed Nicaraguan beauty is everything a man can want in a cigar with its great light up start that hints mingling notes of cedar, cinnamon and creamy butter.  It has a great smooth light along with a consistent smoke that ranks up there with the very best of cigars.  As I continued my beautiful journey smoking this cigar, I found myself in the jungle with a bunch of beautiful semi-naked Amazon women warriors….wait.  I am sorry that was a different cigar and dream.

Notwithstanding I must say this cigar is my favorite everyday cigar.  It has won my heart over, but I won’t get in too deep about the experience of our affair.  Let’s just stick with the major points.  This is without a doubt the best bang for your buck cigar in the whole cigar industry!  The quality of the cigar is just way above anything one would imagine for the price it goes for.

I bought 3 bundles of 20 cigars for $29.95 each from cigars International which puts each cigar at a price point of $1.50 per cigar!  Need I say more?  Pound for pound this is the best cigar on market for the price hands down, and yes you’re an idiot of you don’t buy at least a few bundles for your humidor.

Haroon Mihtar
Senior Cigar Aficionado

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Haroon Mihtar Cigar 300x223 Tony Borhani’s Bahia Trinidad

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6 comments to Tony Borhani’s Bahia Trinidad

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  • Tizzle

    You got to bring some of these over or to the Eagles tailgate on Sunday!


    Matt goldstein Reply:

    I already got 8 different types of Pilsners selected and I will probably grab 4-6 more. I am going to try and find the Oscar Blues Mammas Little Yella Pils and the Toregs Sunshine as well.

    Hopefully I can grab some of these Bahia Trinidad’s on my way up Friday night if the cigar store is still open.


    Butch Reply:

    Matt, thanks for the tip on the Bahia Trindads, this is a fantastic cigar for the money I ordered a bundle and was plesantly surprised. needless to say I ordered two more bundles. thanks again, Butch from softball.


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    Thanks for checkin us out Butch! My man Haroon certainly knows his cigars. Maybe this year the league will man up and let you smoke at 3B. HA!

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