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AMC’s The Killing Season 2: Killing Us with Repeatedly Jumping the Shark

AMCs The Killing 300x157 AMC’s The Killing Season 2: Killing Us with Repeatedly Jumping the SharkClassic Jumping of the Shark Tactics

By Matt Goldstein

Season 1 of The Killing, the search for Rosie Larson’s killer, was solid despite the final episode where the main suspect is of course the person running for Mayor of Seattle, City Council President Darren Richmond.  Need we point out the ridiculously farfetched angle?  We were willing to overlook this because the show’s setting, look, feel of the dark and rainy city, and virtually unknown cast made for good show after show.  Rosie Larson, a 17 year old high school girl who seemed to live the party life and might have gotten mixed up in a high priced escort service, was drowned alive in the trunk of a car to presumably cover up a rape.

Evidence against the soon-to-be mayor Darren Richmond included security camera toll photos in the location and time of the murder.  At the end of season 1, the lead detective Sarah Linden, played by Mireille Enos, receives a call that the cameras on the bridge have been out for a long time implying the photos were fake.  These photos were faked by the other detective in the case, Stephen Holder, played by Joel Kinnaman.  Are we supposed to ignore another ridiculously farfetched angle?  Not a chance in hell.  This is an intentional misdirect that the audience has no way of knowing about, a weak twist and jumping of the shark amateur writing.  We’re not sure what to expect from season 2 of The Killing, but we’re not expecting much.  We’ll give it a few episodes to see if they can salvage some credibility here but it’s doubtful.

Faked photo’s, police framing and now the attempted murder of the soon to be mayor?  Now a retired bridge cop faking that he was still on the force to trick Sarah Linden?  Please!




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