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The Ty Ku Junmai Ginjo Sake

ty ku sake The Ty Ku Junmai Ginjo SakeA Japanese Sake “Rapidly becoming the most popular Sake in the United States”

By Matt Goldstein

TY KU Sake Black is rapidly becoming the most popular sake in the U.S..  TY KU Sake Black is specially craft brewed in Nara, Japan, home of the world’s first sake brewery dating back to 680 A.D.  Junmai Ginjo sake utilizes 45% milled sake rice and represents the only top 6% of all sake in the world.  Recipient of the prestigious 5 Star Diamond Award, Gold Medal at the San Francisco Wine Competition and Platinum Medal (Best in Show) at the World Beverage Competition, we fall right in line with these judges.  This is an excellent Sake and a must for all Sake lovers.

ty ku sake range The Ty Ku Junmai Ginjo SakeTy Ku Junmai Gingo Tasting Notes:

Having a moderate sour flavor with a good bite and good medium crisp finish with a sour tart kick.  This Sake is more crisp when chilled and is also light and smooth.  A bit sweet and sometimes syrupy mouthfeel, we love this Sake!   

Ty Ku Junmai Gingo Sake uses the following all natural ingredients:  

RICE – Specialty Yamada Nishiki & Akebono rice. 45% of rice grain milled away for purity.

WATER – Pristine iron-free natural spring water from the mountains of Japan.

YEAST – Famed #9 yeast strain brings forth delightful fragrance and aroma.

KOJI – Handmade koji rounds out the full-body and flavor.


Sake vs. Wine

As opposed to wine, sake is generally 100% free of sulfites, tannins, gluten and has a much lower acidity. Sake may also have up to 400 flavor components while wine typically has no more than 200. As a result, sake pairs well with a wider variety of food. Enjoy premium sake like a white wine, slightly chilled in your favorite white wine glass.




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