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Boardwalk Empire Gangsters: Benjamin Bugsy Siegal

bugsy siegal michael zeglar boardwalk empire 300x157 Boardwalk Empire Gangsters: Benjamin Bugsy SiegalBugsy to Be Introduced in Season 2 of Boardwalk Empire

By Matt Goldstein

Benjamin Bugsy Siegal was the muscle for Meyer Lansky since they were teenagers running the streets of New York City.  Just as Luciano and Lansky rose to power, Bugsy rose to power with them.  During Prohibition, Siegal ran bootlegging rackets in New York, Atlantic City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, and muscled and murdered anyone who stood in the way of Lansky and Luciano.  Siegal is also alleged to have close ties with the Commission, the National Syndicate, Murder Inc. and is considered to have invented Las Vegas.  

Perhaps long overdue, Bugsy will be introduced in season 2 of Boardwalk Empire and most likely in episode 8.  Michael Zegan from ‘Rescue Me’ will be playing the legendary gangland hit man.  Zegan’s portrayal is said to be of a “tough, smart, urban kid.”  With Lansky, Luciano, Capone and Darmody expected to emerge as major gangsters in Prohibition, the arrival of Bugsy in the HBO drama could set this show on fire.  Already the best television show on TV, there are so many directions HBO can go with the series, we just hope it goes on for season after season after season.       




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