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Boardwalk Empire Profile: Charlie Lucky Luciano Timeline

lucky luciano 1024 300x168 Boardwalk Empire Profile: Charlie Lucky Luciano TimelineCompiled by Matt Goldstein

Considered by many to be the wealthiest ganster of all time…  Cunning and ruthless, the young Luciano is savvy enough to align himself with Arnold Rothstein.  But his youth, passion and ambition are sometimes a dangerous combination in both his personal and professional lives –          

1897 – Charlie Luciano, born Salvatore Luciana in Sicily.

1906 – Luciano family immigrates to New York City.

1917 – Luciano becomes a major crime figure in NYC and befriends Meyer Lansky

1919 – Prohibition.

lucky luciano 300x199 Boardwalk Empire Profile: Charlie Lucky Luciano Timeline1920 – Luciano and Lanskey were supplying all of Manhattan’s illegal bars and speakeasy’s with liquor.         

1920 –  Luciano aligns his crew with Joe “the Boss” Masseria. 

1922 –  Charlie introduces Jack Diamond to Arnold Rothstein

1925 –  Making millions a year, Luciano becomes Massieria’s 2nd in command 

1929 –  Luciano survives a murder attempt on his life.  “Lucky” is beaten, tortured, stabbed, sliced open and left for dead. 

1931 –  Lucky makes a deal with rival boss Marzano and Massieria is assassinated at the behest of Luciano.  

1931 –  Organized Crime is directed by the commission with Luciano at the reigns.  Lansky and Bugsy help Luciano create the commission.    

1936 – Luciano sent to prison for running a prostitution ring. 

1942 –  Imprisoned Luciano with Lanskey on the outside, partner with the government to provide security New York City’s port.     

1946 – Luciano is released from prison. 

1947 – Luciano moves to Cuba, but the U.S. forces Charlie’s deportation back to Italy.     

1962 – Luciano dies of a heart attack in Italy. 


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4 comments to Boardwalk Empire Profile: Charlie Lucky Luciano Timeline

  • dick treacy

    He also ran the most part of the international drugs smuggling into the US from Naples; his bio above seems to consider those outside of the US as irrelevant. If anything his time in Italy and success there as impressive, from a criminal perspective, as his time in the US. Check out the film Lucky Luciano by F. Rosi.


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  • Tizzle

    Wasn’t smuggling and distributing heroin into New York Lucky’s claim to famE?


    chap71 Reply:

    Yes and no. I think his claim to fame is sitting at the head of the Commission, but Lansky and Luciano were the richest gangsters of all time and the overwhelming majority of the money came from heroin. 40 some years of dealing heroin on and off…


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