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The Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Preview Trailer

boardwalk empire hbo poster 300x180 The Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Preview TrailerTeasers & Spoilers for the Best Show on TV Coming Back in the Fall

By Matt Goldstein

Gangsters, gambling, alcohol and women; what could be better than that?  When HBO set their new gangster series on the back drop of prohibition and placed it against the historical setting of Atlantic City in the 1920’s, they just so happened to create the best show on television.  From Al Capone, to Lucky Luciano, Arnold Rothstein and Nucky Thompson (A.K.A. Nucky Johnson); the characters and stories from the roaring 20’s run deep in America.  Atlantic City, NYC and Chicago gangsters created the first ever international crime syndicate, and Boardwalk Empire is illustrating the rise perfectly and dramatically.  Season 2 will show the beginning of Al Capone’s ascension to power, the establishment of Luciano and Meyer Lansky as the preeminent New York gangsters and the plot against Atlantic City criminal and political boss Nucky Thompson.  Check out the season 2 preview trailer right here!

Click Here To Watch the Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Trailer




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