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Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Teaser Clip: Part 2

boardwalk logo pic wallpaper 300x225 Boardwalk Empire Season 2 Teaser Clip: Part 2Boardwalk Empire Returns Sunday September 25th

By Matt Goldstein

The critically acclaimed prohibition gangster series returns to HBO on Sunday September 25th.  Watch now as another teaser gives spoilers and previews into the upcoming drama that is the best show on television.  From Nucky Thompson, Al Capone, Jimmy Darmody, Arnold Rothstein, Meyer Lansky, Commodore Kuehnle, and more, Boardwalk Empire is a historical drama based on the gangsters who controlled the liquor trade during prohibition and done on an HBO level.  It’s not TV, its HBO.  In season 2, Nucky Thompson is feeling the heat from a plot against him by the Commodore, Jimmy Darmody and brother Eli Thompson.  With pressures coming from New York and Chicago, Nucky’s power and life are at risk from gangster elements and political pressure.  Will Arnold Rothstein’s pressure from fixing the World Series compromise his power?  Will Lansky and Luciano leave the liquor trade for heroin?  Will Bugsy Segal make an appearance and show what the muscle of Lanskey and Luciano is made of?  Check out the trailer teaser for season 2 of Boardwalk Empire now.

Boardwalk Empire Teaser Clip Part 2



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