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Boardwalk Empire Gangsters Wiki: Jimmy Darmody

jimmy darmody 300x168 Boardwalk Empire Gangsters Wiki: Jimmy DarmodyAs a WWI veteran and Princeton University drop out, former protégé of Nukcy Thompson turned hitman and bootlegger, Jimmy Darmody is a compelling lead character in Boardwalk Empire.  With Nucky in trouble facing pressure from the DA’lessio brothers and Arnold Rothstein, Jimmy now gets a piece of the action to help protect Nucky’s empire.    He has returned to Atlantic City a new man, an older, wiser, and more ambitious version of his former self.

• Gillian: Mother
• Angela Darmody: Common-law wife
• Tommy Darmody: Son
• Nucky Thompson: Mentor
• Al Capone: Partner in crime

boardwalk empire hbo poster 300x180 Boardwalk Empire Gangsters Wiki: Jimmy DarmodyJimmy is full of ambition in the first season of Boardwalk Empire.  He asks Nucky Thompson for a more important role when he returns from the war and when he is denied he teams up with young Al Capone.  They start their criminal enterprise by holding up Nucky’s new clients from New York and stealing all their booze. But the bust goes bad and after a shoot out only Al and Jimmy come away unscathed.

A week later one of the New York goons crawls out of the woods with his guts busting out of a massive bullet wound. He gets shanghaid by Agent Nelson Van Alden who tortures him until he gives up his story. When Nucky finds out that Jimmy was named he tells Jimmy to get out of the city for awhile.  With that Jimmy hops a train and heads to see his good friend/partner Al in Chicago and they begin to build their organization…

Memorable Quotes 

• “I think you’d agree that Greek town belongs to us now.”
• “Three years. France, mostly. It’s almost impossible to describe the horror. It’s a living, waking nightmare. There was a soldier, a German; him and his men tried to attack our position in the Argonne forest. It was nighttime, and while he was trying to climb through some barbed wire, I shot him – twice – once in the stomach, once in the neck. He slumped over the barbed wire, and no matter what he did to try and wriggle free, it just got worse for him. I left him like that, for days, listening to him moaning, crying.’Mutti! Mutti!Mutti.’ That’s German for mamma. ‘Mamma’. That’s what he kept saying. The curious thing is that, despite the fact that his situation was utterly hopeless, he didn’t wanna die. I offered to kill him several times, but he just kept fighting. Like some miracle would befall him and get him out of his predicament. You hold on so desperately to life, some people feel, certainly in that soldier situation, that being alive is… is much, much worse. (pause) I’m gonna go now, I don’t ever want to see you again.”
• “You can’t be half of a gangster Nucky, not anymore.”



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6 comments to Boardwalk Empire Gangsters Wiki: Jimmy Darmody

  • Jimbo

    “Three years. France, mostly.”

    The first US troops didn’t get to the trenches until October 1917. Is it just me who get pissed off with historical inaccuracies?


  • Tim Rodgers

    Last episode brah. When he’s in jail and he asks Nucky if his “father” could get him out and the next scene Nucky visits the Commodore


    chap71 Reply:

    Bit of a stretch brah!


    Tim Rodgers Reply:

    Well if Jimmy asks Nucky if his father can help him get out
    of jail, it obviously not Nucky right? Therefore, it must another
    powerful A.C. person. Let’s wager some Founders Stoudt on it.


  • Tim Rodgers

    I think its important to note that the Commodore Louis Kaestner is Jimmy’s father. Presumably, a one night stand with the floozy showgirl Gillian Darmody


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    How did you hear about that? I thought it might have been Nucky.


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