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Boardwalk Empire Gangsters: Al Capone Timeline

al capone 1024 300x168 Boardwalk Empire Gangsters: Al Capone TimelineBy Matt Goldstein 

In HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Al Capone is the young muscle under Johnny Torrio as their attempting to establish territory in Chicago’s bootlegging trade.  At the very onset of prohibition, Torrio has boss Jim Colosimo murdered as the Colosimo is apprehensive about the booze trade.  Al Capone’s rise to power is as violent as they come.  In the HBO drama, Capone is portrayed as brutish, pigheaded and sometimes a little stupid.  But to build the biggest bootlegging empire in history, one couldn’t be too naïve to the ways of the world.    One of the first nationally recognized gangsters and the most legendary bootleg booze smuggler in history, Al Capone was extremely wealthy and a brutal murderer. At one point in the 1920’s Capone was allegedly pulling in more than $60 million a year off of booze alone and another $40 million in racketeering, prostitution and gambling.

1899 – Alphonse Capone is born in Garden City NY to Gabriel and Teresa.

1914 – Johnny Torrio becomes a mentor to Al Capone. 

1917 – Working for mob boss Frankie Yale, Capone was involved in a knife fight and slashed in the face.  Hence the name Scarface. 

1920 – Frankie Yale sends Al Capone to Chicago because of a rival gang war.  Capone becomes the under study of Johnny Torrio.

1923 – Al Capone moves his gang outside of Chicago city limits because of political and police pressure. 

1924 – Capone’s brother is killed by police. 

al capone 111 223x300 Boardwalk Empire Gangsters: Al Capone Timeline1925 – Johnny Torrio steps down and appoints Capone as the boss.  Torrio still advises Capone and Capone goes to war with any gang that won’t cooperate.

1926 – Rivals Bugs Moran and Hymie Weiss fail at an assassination attempt on Capone, spraying a hotel eatery with Thompson machine guns and shotguns.

1926 – Capone has Hymie Weiss assassinated in broad daylight on the street with machines guns and shotguns. 

1928 – Capone buys a 14 room mansion in Palm Island Florida. 

1929 – The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre becomes the most infamous gangland murders in history.  On February 14th, Capone’s men disguise themselves as police and enter the Bugs Moran warehouse headquarters.  Seven members of the North Side Gang are lined up against the wall and executed. 

 1929 – Capone is arrested in Philadelphia on weapons charges and jailed in the legendary Eastern State Penitentiary for 9 months. 

1929 – Elliot Ness and prohibition agents begin chipping away at the Capone empire by seizing shipments, and shutting down bars and speakeasies.  Enormous federal pressure is an after effect of the St Valentine’s massacre. 

1931 – Capone is convicted on Tax Evasion charges and sentenced to 11 years. 

1939 – Capone is paroled and released from Alcatraz. 

1947 –  Capone dies from complications of syphilis. 


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