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The Adam Carolla Mangria Cocktail

adam carollas mangira cocktail recipe The Adam Carolla Mangria CocktailSangria for a Man!  Just Add Vodka…

By Tim Rodgers

Whiskey Goldmine is a gentlemens endeavor.  Fine spirits, craft beer, fine cigar’s, & fine dining etc, but somewhere in the word “gentlemen” is “man.”  We can’t help sometimes that we human beings are merely animals and sometimes the primitive instincts take over.  Although our wives and mothers would hate to admit it, men are men. Hence, a concoction like “Mangria” is destined to be born.

Drunk and out of his favorite red wine, comedy mogul Adam Carolla wasn’t ready to call it a night of sustaining a buzz.  Rather than totally shift gears on the type of alcohol to be consumed, Adam prolonged his favorite red wine made by Sledge Hammer and “extended” his glass by pouring a healthy amount of vodka into it.  At that moment, “Mangria” was born.

It eventually evolved into the recipe below, a simple, easy to make version of Sangria (see Whiskey Goldmine’s Sangria recipe.)  It’s simple, easy to make, tastes good, and most importantly, it gets the job done which is the modus operendi of “man” kind alike.

Tune into Guinness World of Records breaking “Adam Carolla Show” pod cast.

Adam Carolla’s Mangria Recipe

3 Cups of SledgeHammer(R) Red Wine

1 Cup Vodka

1 Cup Orange Juice

Lemon Wedge and Sugar to your Liking

Enjoy and Know you SH!




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3 comments to The Adam Carolla Mangria Cocktail

  • Gussie_D

    Recently I was in the mood to start the weekend off with a bang so decided to mix Gentlemen Jack and Firecracker whiskey. As you can imagine it tasted great.I had made it in a shaker so i had some left over in the freezer. A week later my wife made Sangria. We had drink all of the wine but I wasn’t ready to pitch the fruit. So I decided to make my own version of a mangria by mixing the fruit with the whiskey. I let it sit for a few days and it taste great. I highly recommend trying.


  • Elaine

    I LOVE the Mangria idea. I would like to make some and put in bottles to give my two wanna-be son-in-laws for christmas. Do you know how long it keeps after it is mixed up? Thanks!


    Maggie Reply:

    You can actually buy pre-made Mangria bottles that are made and distributed by Adam Carolla. Here is the link:


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