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A Single Malt’s Range: Great Glenfiddich Party Cocktails

glenfiddich logo A Single Malts Range: Great Glenfiddich Party CocktailsWho Said Scotch Can’t be Used for Cocktails?

By Mixologist Leah Matoney

Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch is the #1 selling single malt scotch in the world.  Glenfiddich is also the most award winning scotch in the world.  Perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks, Glenfiddich is also great for refreshing cocktails.  Who said scotch can’t be used for cocktails?  These modern but classic cocktails feature Glenfiddich single malt blended perfectly with fruits and spices and turn classic scotch into a refreshing party drink.  Below are cocktail recipes for the Gaelic Pear, the Loch Ness Cocktail, Sweet Robbie Dhu,  Autumn in the Highlands.


glenfiddich cocktails A Single Malts Range: Great Glenfiddich Party CocktailsGaelic Pear

1.5oz Glenfiddich 12yr

2oz Pear Juice

.5 oz Agave Nectar

1oz Lemon Juice


Rxs Glass

Lemon garnish


Loch Ness Cocktail

1.5 oz. Glenfiddich 12yr

.5oz Licor 43

Orange Juice

Splash Sweet Vermouth


Rxs Glass

No garnish


Sweet Robbie Dhu

2 oz Glenfiddich 12yr

.5 oz Carpano Antica

.5oz Pomegranate Molasses

Dash Plum bitters

Shake Vigorously

Martini Glass

Pomegranate seed garnish (seeds will sink)


Autumn in the Highlands

1.5oz Glenfiddich 12yr

2 oz Pressed Apple cider

Fill with Ginger Ale

Dash Orange Bitters

Rxs glass

Orange twist garnish




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