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Mad Men Cocktails: The Pierre Hotel Irish Coffee

Don Draper Roger Stirling Drinking and Smoking Mad Men Cocktails: The Pierre Hotel Irish CoffeeIrish Coffee courtesy of The Pierre Hotel, New York, New York 

In the new book, the Unofficial Mad Men Cook Book, not only is the book laced with  late 50’s early 60’s Madison Avenue cuisine, the cocktails are just as sheik and classic as AMC’s Mad Men.  Don Draper, the Madison Avenue Advertising Executive was known to have a drink in his hand well before 11 am.  In 1956 the Pierre Hotel began serving Irish coffee as a way to market Irish Whiskey.  In the show Mad Men, Draper’s romantic interest Rachel Menkin, Jewish heir of a wealthy department store owner, orders a coffee at the Pierre Hotel and Draper tries to convince her to have an Irish Coffee in order to lighten the mood.  The Irish Coffee was invented by a chef at the Limerick Ireland Airport as to relax the passengers about to board a cross Atlantic Flight.


Note: The hotel uses Bushmill’s Irish Whiskey, but says the drink also works well with John Jameson Irish Whiskey.  Any variety of whiskey made in Ireland would suffice, hence the name “Irish Coffee.”


2 ounces Irish Whiskey (see note)

3 ½ teaspoons light brown sugar

4 ounces hot coffee

Whipped cream, for topping

Stir whiskey, brown sugar and coffee together in a mug. Add whipped cream on top.

Yield:  1 drink

The Unofficial Mad Men Cookbook: Inside the Kitchens, Bars, and Restaurants of Mad Men by Judy Gelman and Peter Zheutlin (Smart Pop, 2011).




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