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The Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cider Holiday Cocktail

sailer jerry spiced rum holiday cider cocktail The Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum & Cider Holiday CocktailWith the family coming to town or if you’re heading home to see them, everyone could certainly use a little “ Holiday Juice” to make the day more palatable…which would defiantly not describe your Aunt’s stuffing.  With all the flavored vodkas out there, it would be easy to just fill a glass with ice and let the fun begin, but why not spend some time and create a cocktail the whole family will love.  And if they don’t , more for you.  Right?

Combine 8 cups of Apple cider with slices of ½  an orange,  dried cranberries a stick of cinnamon and a nutmeg nugget. Heat on the stove until just before boiling then turn off and let stand for about an hour or as long as you can wait.  It needs to cool off, so how ever you can do that quickly. Fill a pitcher with 2 cups of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and add the cider mixture.  Stir together and add more fresh apple and pear slices. A lemon wedge or two can help as well.  Fill a few glasses with ice and pour the cocktail.  Stir with a straw, or a cinnamon stick if your fancy and let the holiday’s begin.  Enjoy!!!




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