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The Stoli Doli Beach Cocktail

stoli doli beach cocktail recipe 240x300 The Stoli Doli Beach CocktailA Stoli Doli Mash Up Recipe!

By Howard & Matt Goldstein

Most Stoli Doli’s are pineapple infused vodka where the pineapple fruit sits in the vodka for weeks, and then the vodka is poured on the rocks.  It’s very good.  We’re actually indebted with gratitude to the Capital Grille for inventing such a work of genius.  However, this takes weeks to make and most of us don’t have that much time to make a cocktail.  Also, it’s very strong for the average drinker.  Although there is a strong pineapple flavor, the Stoli Doli is basically just straight vodka.  Being is that we are chilling at the beach right now in Margate City NJ, Howard (my dad), wanted to sip on something sweet and easy drinking.  We give you the Stoli Doli Beach Cocktail.  It’s sweet, it’s tangy, it’s refreshing; like summertime in a glass. 



2 parts Stoli vodka

2 parts pineapple juice

1 part Triple Sec

Pour the contents into an ice filled cocktail shaker, shake for 10 seconds and pour over ice and enjoy.  For a good time, just repeat 3-4 times for you and yours.  Margate City NJ — where the Jews rock out yo! 




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