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10 Great Drunken TV Moments: James Brown, Joe Namath, Orson Wells, Danny Devito and more…

joe namath stache nfl sports jets 249x300 10 Great Drunken TV Moments: James Brown, Joe Namath, Orson Wells, Danny Devito and more…Drunken Celebrities at their Finest!

By Carolynn Chapman

 The Whiskey Goldmine brings you the world of the celebrity.  Celebrities are some of the finest drunks in the world as most of them don’t have regular 9-5 jobs.  Therefore, most celebrities can get smashed at anytime.  Weekend, weekday, weeknight, any night or even a TV appearance; nothing says celebrity like being hammered on camera. 

James Brown:  

On a news show after being charged with shooting at his wife with a hand gun, Brown makes light of the incident.



Joe Namath:  

His greatest moments are limited to when he was playing on the football field ,  here Namath slurs to a female side line reporter that he wants to kiss her, but it was almost a rape. 


John Stamos:  

Drunk on an Australian chat show ; Stamos announces that one of his critics has a small penis.


Mariah Carey:

A drunken speech at Palm Springs Film Festival after winning the award for her performance in Precious. Just imagine what she would have been like if Glitter were up for an award.


Karl Stefanovic: Aussie TV show host has a case of the drunk giggles on air


Oliver Reed: 

Some British Celeb you’ve never heard of becomes a legend in this video.


Scott Stapp:  

Former Creed front man and d- bag president slurs words through an appearance on Casino Cinema. 


Orson Wells: 

Obviously sampling too much of the product he was plugging, Paul Mason wine.


Danny Devito:  

It’s always sunny with this pudgy drunk, especially on the View.   Devito is blitzed after a night out with George Clooney drinking lemoncellos.  



Drunk on Too Late with Adam Carolla, this was pretty much every day behavior for the Jackass star before he completed rehab.  Does anybody remember when Steve-O mainlined 5 shots of vodka?


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