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Security at Caesars Atlantic City Stands Idle and Watches Mugging/Assault in Casino!

caesars logo a.c. Security at Caesars Atlantic City Stands Idle and Watches Mugging/Assault in Casino! Atlantic City Police: This is Not Our Jurisdiction

One poker player was hospitalized with broken teeth and possible facial fractures in a Caesars Casino mugging and assault. Late last night in the bathroom just outside the poker room, a regular poker player was assaulted in an attempted robbery.  The victim, George Chu, a 57 year old Asian American and recovering cancer patient was reportedly struck in the face 10 to 15 times and suffered broken bottom teeth, multiple cuts on the eye, heavy bruising and possible facial fractures.  Chu barely escaped the bathroom and stumbled towards the poker area covered in blood screaming “help me, help me.”  Three security officers from Caesars simply just stood and watched as their patron was in dire straights and the attacker attempted to get away.  Witnesses claim another poker player jumped over the railing out of the poker room and attempted to stop the assailant.  This unnamed poker player was also reportedly punched several times as the assailant escaped.  At this point a half dozen poker players began to chase the suspect out into the street. Again, the Caesars security guards just stood and watched.  The suspect, described as a 30 year old African American male, escaped.  The crazy thing is that the suspect was reportedly playing poker at the 1-2 tables earlier that evening.

When the Atlantic City police arrived, one of the officers claimed, “This is not our jurisdiction.”  Apparently, the State Police are in control because of the on site gaming.  Well, as long as the patrons are safe right?  Another Caesars security officer also claimed that they were not permitted to chase someone past the casino doors.  PLEASE!  What about the valet area and cab stand?  The parking lot?  Outside standing in front of fucking Caesar himself? I guess if there’s a murder in the self park Coliseum, we’ll have to call the Baltimore homicide squad to investigate.   You mean to tell me that casino security can’t follow an attempted assault and robbery suspect out into the street and keep an eye on the person until police arrive?  If that suspect had robbed the craps table for $40,000 in chips you can bet your ass that casino security would have followed the suspect on foot to Sea Isle City.  There are a lot of new casinos popping up all over the place. Caesars better get their shit together.



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10 comments to Security at Caesars Atlantic City Stands Idle and Watches Mugging/Assault in Casino!

  • Try and get as many clones of every available discount.


  • Ryan Thompson

    I’ve played at caesars for maybe 20 years and agree with how the security is old but
    I have noticed recently that Caesars has hired many younger
    Security personnel. There aren’t many scum as there use to be either I am very pleased and fell safe now as I stay at caesars. But I have noticed the security gets better when it gets later. During the day there are many older security personnel to where idk what they can protect but I’ve noticed around 3 some of it gets better but around 10 or 11 I’m guessing will be there grave shift, is probably the best with many young workers that I know can keep us safe while having a good time. I hope this helps some people know that Caesars is getting better.


  • Mark

    Has this been published anywhere? or has it traveled by word-of-mouth?


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    An immediate family member witnessed the entire incident and phoned me immediatley after it happened.


    Mark Reply:

    I think it’s disgusting if the events occurred as described. I also think it’s terrible that Caesars seems to be controlling the media outlets to make sure this story isn’t made too public. As someone who plays in Caesars quite often, I will be looking over my shoulder very often, and will be even more careful in choosing a restroom…


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    A very similar incident happened was reported to have happened next door at the Trump Plaza and I also heard that something like this also happened at the Sugar House in Philadelphia. My sources have heard reports that there is a gang from NYC targeting casinos. Not too smart considering there are cameras everywhere…


  • john

    Caesars in AC is the WORST of the WORST when it comes to letting Scum hang around Casino tables begging patrons for money. Too many of Harrah’s, Caesars & Ballys security personnel are overweight and overaged. They offer NO deterent to would be robbers.


  • Tizzle

    Something tells me that there is anomosity between the A.C. PD and the Casino management/organization. Just another example of the ineptitude of multi-bureaucratic governmental departments at all levels. Borgata is the place to be anyhow.


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    True true… The Borgata is the spot and the Crow is really a Borgata poker pro. However, the Crow makes serious money at Caesars! The other players are completely out gunned. Caesars is actually my favorite spot because that’s where all the boxing ish goes on and it’s right on the boardwalk, but the Borgata and the Marina are much safer. Wait a minute, someone tried to rob us in the Marina last year too. Damn. Carry a gun in Atlantic City!


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