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Drink More Alcohol, Live Longer!

more interesting Drink More Alcohol, Live Longer! Up to 4 Drinks a Day May Extend Your Life

By Matt Goldstein

In what can only be described as our favorite medical study of all time, it seems that men who consume up to 4 drinks a day reduce the risk of death by 18%. Women can also consume up to 2 drinks a day for the same effect. This can only mean that if one is not consuming alcohol regularly, that person is simply killing themselves faster. It has already been well documented that the red and white wine have an abundance of heart healthy and cancer fighting antioxidants as well as beer, especially craft beer. Without a doubt, this must have had an impact on the study. However, this study also implies that cocktails our healthy as well. Vodka and gin martini’s, scotch on the rocks, Cognac, Bourbon, rum and tequila all seem to be healthy. Perhaps there are antioxidants in all alcohol, but conceivably there could also be other ingredients in the alcohol or complexes in the fermentation process that are healthy as well. Doctors don’t really know all the answers, but they do know that drinkers have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.  Drinkers also have improved amounts of HDL, aslo known as good cholesterol and better insulin sensitivity which can have a wide range of healthy effects.  

The heart healthy benefits of drinking could also be from the blood thinning properties in alcohol, much like aspirin.  Just ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?”  Source: MSNBC, Time, and Slate.




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