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The Great Drunken Dictators Part II: Mark Antony, Attila the Hun, Kim Jung Il

marc antony and caesar 300x199 The Great Drunken Dictators Part II: Mark Antony, Attila the Hun, Kim Jung Il Mark Antony, Attila the Hun and Kim Jung Il: Crazed, Drunk and Murderous

By Matt Goldstein

Mark Antony:

The close friend and defender of Julius Caesar took harsh vengeance out on his friends assassins. When his enemies Brutus and Cassius were defeated, Mark Antony shared the Triumvirate with Gaius Octavian who later became Caesar Augustus. Mark Antony, a great soldier but outspoken and erratic leader, was known as the most drunken person in the Roman Empire and also the most vicious. Antony chased alcohol and women night and day but he also exacted vengeance just the same. When Antony thought life long enemy Cicero stepped out of line by publicly bashing him, Mark Antony had Cicero beheaded. Marc Antony was a raging alcoholic who was stubborn, tenacious and basically crazy. This most likely led to his downfall and split with Caesar Augustus. When Antony’s soldiers refused to fight on against the troops of Augustus at the battle of Actium, Antony and lover Cleopatra consequently committed suicide.

Attila the Hun:

 One of the most famous military leaders in history, Attila the Hun ravaged Europe and ran an empire that stretched from Gaul to modern day Kazakhstan. Known for being extremely brutal, sometimes when Attila invaded a town, he would kill everyone! Attila murdered women, children and anyone who wasn’t capable of becoming a soldier. The rest were forced to join his army. For more than 20 years this brutal reign devastated Europe. Attila was also a raging alcoholic and most likely died from this disease. On Attila’s wedding night, the drunken dictator passed out and choked on his own blood. Attila was too drunk to wake up and breathe. Nose bleeds are a common symptom of heavy drinking as alcohol is a blood thinner.

kim jong il team america1 300x199 The Great Drunken Dictators Part II: Mark Antony, Attila the Hun, Kim Jung Il Kim Jong Il:

The “dear leader’s” father, Kim Il Sung was hand picked by Stalin to be the leader North Korea. From 1948 until his death in 1994, Kim Il Sung ruled with an iron fist over North Korea until his son Kim Jong Il took power. Kim Jong Il heads a country with disastrous economic conditions and a people malnourished from the lack of food and likely starvation. All the while the “dear leader” spends billions on propaganda, nuclear weapons and re-education camps for citizens who get out of line. These camps might hold about 250,000 people, some of which were just simply outspoken. Still in power, although he might be suffering from significant medical ailments and possibly a stroke, Kim Jong Il is said to be a drunk. His favorite drink of course is expensive Cognac. Nothing says power to the people like a communist drinking Cognac.


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  • drr6

    Thinking that bleeding from esopgheal varices may have been more likely to off Attila.


  • I am not sure where you’re getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for fantastic information I was looking for this info for my mission.


  • I read that Frederick the Great of Prussia tried to ban the consumption of coffee and demanded that the populace drink alcohol instead


    Tizzle Reply:

    I think that’s why he was considered great!


    chap71 Reply:

    Good point!


  • Tizzle

    Usually, I like like to take a light-hearted approach to the content on this site. But I think this a very interesting topic. Historically, its fun to look back and see a Napolean or a Marc Antony and how their alcoholism impacted history. But its a reminder that abuse of anything is obviously a bad thing including power and alcohol. Furthermore, its a reminder that these significant figures in history have the imperfections of the common man. It points out that we shouldn’t idolize politicians (wink* ;-) current president). This might be the most important topic on the site as well as the silliest. Great job Matt


    Matt goldstein Reply:

    In all seriousness, I definitely think the alcoholism led some of these guys to their insanity and unfortunately a lot of people died for no reason.


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