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Great Drunken Presidents: Winston Churchill & Boris Yeltsin

136532 f520 300x174 Great Drunken Presidents: Winston Churchill & Boris Yeltsin By Matt Goldstein 

Winston Churchill: 

As a former battalion commander of the British Army in WWI, as well as a veteran of military action in India, Sudan and South Africa, Winston Churchill is seen by many as the leader in the fight against the Nazi’s in WWII.  Churchill was the first to warn the world about Hitler and he was the spiritual glue for the Allies to fight side by side.  Winston Churchill might be the most celebrated and respected leader in world history.  It’s astonishing that Churchill actually lost his re-election campaign.  Yup, the conservative Churchill was only a one term president, losing to the Labor Party Leader Clement Attlee in a landslide after WWII. Maybe it was because Churchill was drunk.  Then again, Churchill was completely drunk during WWII and I’m pretty sure he came out the victor in that campaign.  Many times, Churchill had a drink in the morning, but Churchill always had drinks for lunch, dinner and well into the evening.  This was Churchill’s daily routine.  Whiskey, Champagne, scotch, brandy, gin, highballs, and Cointreau were his drinks of choice.  Of course, the scotch and brandy always went with a cigar.  Drunk or not, Churchill was one of the only world leaders who saw the Nazi war and death machine coming; and it was years before Germany invaded a country.               

yeltzen gorbechev 247x300 Great Drunken Presidents: Winston Churchill & Boris Yeltsin Boris Yeltsin: 

The two term Russian President and the first recognized leader of post Soviet Russia, Boris Yeltsin, was a complete and total drunk.  Most people reading this probably remember the guy being drunk in public many times.  One night, while on a visit to Washington D.C., Yeltsin was staying across the street from the White House.  Completely hammered at about midnight or so, the Secret Service found Yeltsin outside on Pennsylvania Ave. in nothing but his boxer shorts trying to wave down a cab and go get a pizza.  Slurring his words with no shirt, no pants, and his belly sticking out, this drunk thought it was a good idea to ride solo to the local Domino’s.  Although Russia was in economic crisis throughout his presidency, Yeltsin is credited for disbanding the communist party in the Russian Parliament and standing up against a coup attempt by hard-line radical communists.  The image of Yeltsin standing on a tank outside the Russian White House with a crowd of thousands around him is iconic.  That was the day that the Soviet Union had ended.   


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