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Hunter S. Thompson’s Rum Diary: A Feature Film Starring Johnny Depp

rum diary johnny depp Hunter S. Thompson’s Rum Diary: A Feature Film Starring Johnny DeppIn Theaters on October 28th: Watch the Trailer Now!

By Matt Goldstein

From the mind of Hunter S. Thompson comes the Rum Diary, a feature film starring Johnny Depp based on the 1959 novel.  Only 22 when he wrote the book, Thompson tells the story of a drunken journalist (surprisingly not himself) in Puerto Rico struggling with a dead end job and a partying lifestyle.  At a critical turning point in his life, the movies main character Paul Kemp is writing for a struggling run down Caribbean newspaper while trying to find his soul as he works over the Puerto Rican culture in a legendary drinking binge.  This is the third film made from a Hunter S. Thompson book with 2 previous films based on Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, one starring Johnny Depp and the other starring Bill Murray in Where the Buffalo’s Roam.  Both films are considered cult classics.  In classic Thompson style, the stories tell of partying on a legendary scale but at the same time making uniquely profound social and political statements about America and the world.  The Rum Diary is an absolute must watch!  Check out the trailer now!  Click below….

The Rum Diary Trailer




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