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Kim Jong IL: World’s Biggest Drunken Fraud

kim jong il team america1 300x199 Kim Jong IL: World’s Biggest Drunken FraudNorth Korea’s “Dear Leader” Spends Millions on Cognac while his People Starve 

By Matt Goldstein

Nothing says communism like a $630 bottle of Hennessey Cognac.  That appears to be Kim Jong IL’s favorite drink, and according to Hennessy reports; North Korea’s “Dear Leader” spends about $700,000 per year on his favorite Cognac.  We at Whiskey Goldmine are fans of debauchery.  That is a fact.  However, when you’re supposed to be a communist and a communist leader of a country where you’re responsible for millions of people, the debauchery should probably be kept to an acceptable level, especially when one is using the people’s money to fund the decadence and materialistic self indulgence.  A wealthy dictator purchasing 1000 bottles of absurdly overpriced Cognac with the people’s money every single year, completely goes against the inherent principals of communism. 

According to the Gaurdian, recent economic reforms have also proved completely disastrous.  Kim Jung IL’s currency reform where the government abolished all of the existing money and then reissued less money, collapsed the fledging market system leaving millions of people on the brink of starvation.  Although the government has since reversed this system, the damage has already been done.  The people not only face starvation but also a disintegrated health care system where doctors are paid in beer by the patients.  North Korea’s spending on healthcare is less than $1 per capita, among the lowest in the world. At least 5% of North Koreans have tuberculosis. Forty-five per cent of children under five are stunted as a result of malnutrition.  It’s OK though, I’m sure the malnourished children don’t mind as long as their “Dear Leader, Father and General” gets to spend millions on cognac and the rest of the country’s cash is spent on nuclear weapons and a grossly oversized army.  Clearly this idiot hasn’t learned from the catastrophic famine of the 90’s which left bodies riddled in the streets and more than 2 million people dead.

kim jong il 260x300 Kim Jong IL: World’s Biggest Drunken FraudWith less international economic aid coming in from South Korea and others because of North Korea’s excessive war mongering and diplomatic blunders, there’s only one conclusion.  Kim Jung IL is the world’s biggest fraud.  So, in honor of you Kim Jung IL for your recent unprovoked attack on South Korea, constant war mongering, economic absurdity, social awkwardness, international kidnapping, government sponsored slavery, and forcing a starved malnourished people to bow at your picture and publicly claim their love for you, we just wanted to take a minute out of our busy day and say thanks for being such a douche bag.  You’re in a class of your own.  GFY! 

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in December of 2010. Kim Jong Il passed away from a heart attack in December 2011.  Sweet!

Source: CNN, Guardian UK



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