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Rehab at the Hard Rock Pool: The Hottest Party in Vegas

rehab hard rock Rehab at the Hard Rock Pool: The Hottest Party in VegasBy Matt Goldstein

What’s better than 2000 women in bikinis?  Well, 2000 women in bikinis shaking their asses!  With 3 large pools and 100 cabanas, Rehab on Sundays at the Hard Rock Casino is the hottest party in Vegas.  People come from all over the world for this party and for good reason.  The music is bumping, margaritas are flowing, and the women are dancing.  To go on the record, this is the biggest party we’ve ever seen.  And there seemed to be no bad element, this Labor Day weekend everyone in the place seemed to be there to have a good time.  And if you stay at the Hard Rock Casino for the weekend, you get two free passes.  If you’re not staying at the Hard Rock the cover is $50.  There are also Cabanas, chairs and bar stools available for renting.  But if you come to Rehab, don’t plan on coming to sit in a chair for the day.  Get off your ass and go smash some of those women dancing in the pool.  That’s what we did!  Easy work.  After all, this is Vegas.  We’d write a bit more but we are really hung-over from Rehab.  Sorry.  Just don’t forget your bathing suit because you’re not getting in if you don’t have one.  Security at this joint is like trying to get in the Pentagon.




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2 comments to Rehab at the Hard Rock Pool: The Hottest Party in Vegas

  • marcus

    easy work is right my boy/ the finger waving is key/ the rest it dont matter


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    The finger wave is my new thing. It’s not even fair.


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