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Showtime’s Shameless: William H Macy Stuggles to Convince as a Drunk

william h macy showtime Shameless 300x240 Showtime’s Shameless: William H Macy Stuggles to Convince as a DrunkCan William H Macy Pull Off the Alcoholic Frank Gallagher?

By Matt Goldstein

Episode 2 & 3 improved on the pilot, but there are still some serious questions with William H. Macy’s performance and Gallagher family.  So now we got a white trash family all sitting around watching 60 minutes together, an 80 year old great aunt doing lines of cocaine, kidnapping a homeless drunk, then kidnapping a grand mom from the nursing home, the kidnapping of Frank Gallagher, major social security fraud, failing to report a corpse, a whacked out mom scared to leave the house and so on and so on. 

Where does the goddamn drama end here?  To top it off, William H. Macy is struggling to pull off the performance of a white trash drunk.  Frank Gallagher’s words come out tight like an educated upper middle class white man and his tough guy act is more like the nerdy neurotic guy from Fargo than a gritty inner city drunk.   As we said earlier, it all adds up to a cliché, overdone glorified FX biker/fireman show with more sex, nudity and cursing.  Shameless is completely over dramatized with characters that are uniquely distinct but with problematic and excessively charismatic bios. 

 Showtime’s Shameless:  C+ / B-

Not all Hollywood productions accurately portray what alcoholics go through at an addiction recovery center or any similar facility.




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5 comments to Showtime’s Shameless: William H Macy Stuggles to Convince as a Drunk

  • liu kang

    shameless is easily the best show of must be have sipped that haterrade lmaoo..the show isnt cliche and i love the directions they took with the characters…your a introverted jew, what would you know about the inner city?


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    Internet tough guys. Ya gotta love it. “E Gangsters!”

    One, Shameless isn’t even close to being the best show on TV, you must be out of your mind, or simply dumb. It’s average at best. Entertaining a bit, but good? Not a chance in hell. It’s aiight. Yes, cliche all day long.

    This introverted Jew lived in South Philly, North Philly, Center City and banged with cats who stick guns in your face. Murdering felon gang bangers. Fact.

    You on the otherhand are an introverted Chinaman. Poor, dirty, with bad teeth, no freedom and you drink polluted water. Enjoy your life holmes.


  • Ronni

    I disagree. I think it’s hilarious, and it’s my new favourite show. I love how the family survives – thrives – and loves, too — despite the chaos. It’s a show about resiliency and resourcefulnenss, and it’s hilarious.


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    Hilarious? You’ve got to be joking. There’s a few funny moments here and there but mostly cliche and weak. “Hilarious” is a bit much.


    Erica Reply:

    Boo you whore!! Shameless is AWESOME


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