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The New Years Day Hangover Cure: Water!

the hangover movie poster The New Years Day Hangover Cure: Water!Water: Immediate and Instant Relief from a Hangover!

By Matt Goldstein

Except for migraines, the overwhelming majority of all headaches are from dehydration.  Hangovers are the exact same thing.  Headaches and the overall achiness from hangovers are a direct result from dehydration.  The large amount of alcohol consumed, deprives the body of water, therefore, water must be restored in order to function correctly.  If you have a bad headache from a hangover, just drink 2-3 bottles of water and the relief is almost immediate.  FACT!  Now, if you’re at the point where you need to throw up or your stomach is extremely uneasy, there is no cure for that except throwing up.  Sorry…  After you throw up though, you should definitely drink some water. 







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