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The Cure for Hiccups is Burping! Yes, there is a cure for Hiccups.

Bart Simpson Writing on Chalk Board The Cure for Hiccups is Burping! Yes, there is a cure for Hiccups.By Dr. Goldstein

Over the course of a lifetime we hear a lot of ridiculous cures for the hiccups: hold your ears while drinking water, jump up and down, hold your breath and blah blah blah.  It’s all a bunch of bullshit, all of it.  However, there really is a cure for the most common type of hiccups, which is caused when you eat too fast.  I can’t tell you why this happens or what is actually happening, after all, I am only a doctor from Harvard medicine.  Nevertheless, all you have to do is burp.  If you get the hiccups from eating too fast, have a couple sips of soda or anything that will help you burp, and burp as best you can.  Your hiccups will be cured, I guarantee it.  The reputation of Whiskey Goldmine is at stake and we would never lie to you.  Actually, we lie to you all the time and you’re just too dumb to realize it.  We learned how to do that from Newt Gingrich.  Any who, this cure is not guaranteed to fix the drunk hiccups, sorry.  Apparently I had those last night, but I have no recollection.  Whateh…




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