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HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Kings Road & Lord Snow

GameOfThrones poster 2 300x168 HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Kings Road & Lord SnowEpisode 2 & 3 of HBO’s New Series A Definite Improvement

By Matt Goldstein

After the fledgling and somewhat racist cliché of an opening episode, Game of Thrones stepped up to the plate to set the stage for a solid series.  Although sometimes predictable and over dramatic, there is some political maneuvering, savviness,  and ominous menacing indicative of original writing.  The Lannisters attempting to finish off the young comatose Stark boy was a bit predictable but the boys loyal wolf ripping out the throat of the assassin leaves evidence which makes the Starks sure of the Lannisters being behind two attempts to kill the young Bran Stark. 

game of thrones poster 186x300 HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Kings Road & Lord SnowPerhaps the best character on the show is Tyrion Lannister, played by Peter Dinklage from the Station Agent.  Tyrion is stuck between a growing friendship with John Snow, the bastard son of Ned Stark, and his brother and Queen sister from seeing the Starks as enemies.  Being a dwarf, Tyrion is not a fighter, but a savvy political mover who is constantly reading and sharpening his skills and giving anyone deserving humorous condescension. 

King Robert gives Ned the news of the Dothraki marriage between Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryan and implies they should kill Daenerys.  When Ned laughs it off as Daenerys being a child, Robert reminds Ned of what the Targaryans did to Ned’s family, killing his brother, sister and father.  We learn that the Mad King Targaryan burned Ned’s father and brother alive in front of 500 men of the king’s court.  King Robert tells Ned that war is coming.  The marriage means Drogo will invade and attempt the seat Viserys Targarian as king. 

In the “Lord Snow” episode, the drunken King Robert ranks Jaimie Lannister and embarrasses him, implying that he does not trust the Lannisters or his wife.  King Robert knows the Lannisters are up to something and might even suspect that they attempted to murder Bran Stark and his former hand.    

King Joffrey Baratheon HBO’s Game of Thrones: The Kings Road & Lord SnowKing Robert only seems to trust his new hand, Ned Stark.  Stark will need King Robert if the Lannisters continue to maneuver against him and King Robert will need Ned Starks army if the Dothraki invade with the Targaryans, which seems inevitable.            

Episode 2 & 3 were a great improvement on the opening episode.  Hopefully the improvement continues.  Check out our next installment when we discuss the cast & characters and the mysterious White Walkers.










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