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Tudors Profile: The Executions of Henry the 8th

tudors poster 214x300 Tudors Profile: The Executions of Henry the 8thHenry the VIII: A Timeline of Murder

By Matt Goldstein

It is estimated that Henry the 8th could have executed 70,000 people by beheading alone.  Not only did Henry kill anyone in his path to attain more power, Henry killed his wives, his friends, political allies, his teachers and mentors.  No one inside Henry’s court and inner circle was safe from his wrath.  Henry’s alcoholism and sociopathic characteristics were the cause of absolute madness and brutality.  Here is a timeline of the executions of Henry the 8th.         

1529 – Henry fires Cardinal Wolsey for failing to secure King Henry’s divorce from Katherine of Aragon.  Cardinal Wolsey died before he was to be executed.   


cardinal wolsey henry the vIII 300x183 Tudors Profile: The Executions of Henry the 8th1535 –Mentor and friend of Henry, Sir Thomas Moore is executed for refusing to recognize Henry as the head of the Church of England.  Moore was a scholarly and religious mentor to Henry as well as a political ally and loyal friend.  Moore’s only downfall was refusing to denounce the Catholic Church and it cost him his life.   


1535 — John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester was executed along with Thomas Moore for refusing to acknowledge Henry the 8th and the Church of England.  Yup, Henry killed a Bishop. 


anne boleyn henry the 8th 239x300 Tudors Profile: The Executions of Henry the 8th1536 – Anne Boleyn is arrested and accused of mass adultery, even sexual relations with her brother.  Anne Boleyn is tried and convicted of treason, adultery and incest.  These charges are completely fabricated by those closely loyal to Henry in his bid to rid of Anne Boleyn.  Anne’s entire family is accused of outrageous crimes. 


1536 – Anne Boleyn is beheaded along with Mark Smeaton, Sir Henry Norris, George Boleyn, Sir Francis Weston and William Brereton. 


1540 – Thomas Cromwell is arrested for treason, heresy, corruption, and plotting to marry Princess Mary.  These charges, along with Anne Boleyn’s are most likely completely false.  Cromwell was executed after his crackdown on the Catholic Church was too hard and Henry lost serious political capital in his own country.  Rightfully so, the people were angry at their churches being robbed and desecrated.  Henry was also extremely angry at have to marry Anne of Cleaves. 


thomas cromwell the tudors 300x212 Tudors Profile: The Executions of Henry the 8th1541– Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury was executed for appearing to side with Catherine of Aragon against the king and was declared her a traitor.


1541– Catherine Howard, Henry’s 5th wife was executed for adultery along with her lover Thomas Culpepper, conspirators Henry Mannox and Francis Dereham. 


1543 –  Henry marries Katherine Parr who is almost executed for heresy.



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