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How Floyd Mayweather Jr. Was Swindled out of $30 Million

Floyd Mayweather Jr 200x300 How Floyd Mayweather Jr. Was Swindled out of $30 MillionWannabe Gangster “Money” Mayweather Got all his Money Taken by Gangsters

By Matt Goldstein

In light of his recent bragging about going to jail in a couple months for beating a woman, and to commemorate the week of one of the biggest fights of Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s career, we’d like to tell you a story about how stupid this idiot really is. Is Mayweather stupid for bragging about going to jail? Of he course he is, but he is even more stupid for allowing “Big Willie” to swindle him out of $30 million in cash.

When Floyd Mayweather walked away from the rematch with Oscar De La Hoya in 2007, he was walking away from the most lucrative fight in boxing history. Floyd didn’t need the fight and he didn’t need the money, until of course, he was robbed by Big Willie. Mayweather was so broke after he was robbed, he couldn’t pay his taxes for 2007 and had to take advances from Golden Boy Promotions and Manager Al Haymon.

During his retirement, Mayweather quickly became friends with Willie. Allegedly Willie told Floyd that he can turn $1M into $4M in a month or less. Floyd gives him $1 million and a few days later Willie comes back to Mayweather with $5M. Being very stupid and greedy, Mayweather decided to give Willie the vast majority of his bank account, anywhere from $26-42M, instead of another million or two. Of course, Mayweather gives Willie all of his money, and Willie hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Excuse my language, but how fucking stupid is that? Mayweather is literally made one of the dumbest financial moves in the history of the world. Wannabe gangster Floyd “Money” Mayweather got all of his money taken from a real gangster, Willie.

So, if Floyd wants to brag about going to jail, act like gangster and call himself “Money” Mayweather and the “Money Team,” we feel it’s only right to call this guy out for being completely full of shit and one of the dumbest human beings on earth. When you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. Obviously Floyd knew Willie was doing something illegal with the money in order to flip millions so fast.  So Floyd was taking part in a criminal conspiracy and he got got.

Floyd would rather try to be a gangster and fight women. The only reason he unretired was to get the money back. After the Marquez fight you can actually hear Floyd say, “One more fight and I’ll get it all back.” Floyd has gone on to beat Mosley, Ortiz and will most likely beat Cotto next week. If Pacquaio gets past Timothy Bradley in June, which is a big if, Floyd will have the opportunity to negotiate the Pacquaio fight from jail and make the mega fight in September.  

Floyd might be an all time boxing champion, but the all time “Money” and gangster champion is Willie.





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4 comments to How Floyd Mayweather Jr. Was Swindled out of $30 Million

  • Floyd is a beautiful little fag


  • Carlos Ortega

    The pretty boy fagweather took up the ass all his bad deeds got his ass.the cheating and punching of Victor Ortiz while the ref wasn’t looking. all that god blessed me with 50 cent all that was so 50 would put the money for his fight’s.Maybe 50 was duking floyd up the ass in the back before the fight’s.He won’t fight Manny cause Manny is going to fuck up his big lips and he can’t suck no more dick to the people that mayweather owes money to. So now he has to hit women so now the lawsuit from the women he hit is going to hit him in the pockets.I wounder If the new woman in his life is not a call girland a man.the last fight 50 cent wasn’t with him and no god bless 50 cent and all that shit.He won’t fight Manny cause Manny is going to swell up those big lips of his.


    Matt Goldstein Reply:

    I have to disagree with you here. I think Floyd clowns Pacquiao. Easy work.

    And please refrain from comments like “big lips” and other terms of that nature. Thanks!


    JIM Reply:

    Man Please learn How To Speak I Might Agree With Some Of Your Floyed Bashing But The Way You Talk Makes It Hard To Understand & Follow…


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