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New HBO Series Luck: Dustin Hoffman as Organized Crime Figure Chester “Ace” Bernstein

HBOs Luck Dustin Hoffman New HBO Series Luck: Dustin Hoffman as Organized Crime Figure Chester “Ace” BernsteinHoffman’s First Role as a Gangster

By Matt Goldstein

HBO’s new highly produced series, Luck, premiered a sneak episode on Sunday after the season finale of Boardwalk Empire.  With acclaimed director Michael Mann and Deadwood creator David Milch, Luck brings one of the best casts in the history of television.  Leading that cast is Dustin Hoffman playing the corrupt racetrack businessman, Chester “Ace” Bernstein.  At the start of the show, Ace is getting out of prison and has ownership of a race horse in which his friend played by Dennis Farina is the fronting owner.  Ace’s plan for when he gets out of prison?  Vengeance!  Ace is out for vengeance against the people who put him in prison and vengeance against those who got rich at the track while he protected them and took the fall.  Ace is going to look at putting a casino inside the track but will have to do it quietly as the recent paroled felon and organized crime figure cannot legally be on the books of the deal.  The first episode focused on life at the race track from all angles, from the horses, the owners, jockeys and trainers, gamblers, security guards and beautiful cinematic scenes of horse racing.  HBO’s Luck is most likely the best new show on TV.  “I don’t trust anyone, not even myself.”  — Chester Ace Bernstein

The series premiere will officially be on January 29th of 2012 with HBO most likely playing the first two episodes back to back.  The all star cast is as follows: Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Farina, John Ortiz, Richard Kind, Ian Hart, Kevin Dunn, Ritchie Coster, Jason Gedrick, Jill Hennessy, Tom Payne, Kerry Condon, Gary Stevens and Nick Nolte.




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