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Jewish People Convert All Mormons to Judaism in Hebrew Baptism

Team Mormon Team Normal Jewish People Convert All Mormons to Judaism in Hebrew BaptismNew Jewish Mormons now Being Called Former Mormons

By Matt Goldstein

In a stunning move by the Council of Israel and Jewish Rabbi’s all over the world, the Jews have officially converted all Mormon’s who have now become Jews themselves.  In a Hebrew Baptism, the synagogue of Goldstein used a picture of the Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ; a hat with gold leafs, and then dropped the Hebrew Torah on top of the pictures and smashed them into the eternity of Judaism.  After a few rabbis recited some prayers that no one understood, it was official.  All Mormon’s are now Jewish and former Mormon’s.  Holocaust victim, bestselling author and lesbian Anne Frank was elated when hearing about all the Mormon’s becoming Jewish and was quoted as saying, “The Mormon Church can suck it!  Suck on a big fat Jewish Bagel!”  Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu claimed, “After we bombed Iran, we were considering bombing Utah to shut those big fat retarded Mormon’s  up, but now since we converted them to Judaism, it’s all good. ”  The synagogue of Goldstein merely said, “all former Mormons must pay their Jew dues by the end of the month, how else can we continue to control the world?  We buy it.  We’re rich and white, that’s why everyone loves us more than the Arabs.”

All Jewish victims of the Holocaust who were recently baptized by the Mormon Church have now been converted back to Judaism.  Suck on it you Mormon retards.  Oh yeah, and you’re living a lie.  LOL.




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