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Root: An Organic Neutral Root Tea Spirit by Art in the Age

root tea art in the age 162x300 Root:  An Organic Neutral Root Tea Spirit by Art in the AgeThe Original Root Beer: An 18th Century Root Tea Recipe Made with All Natural Herbs & Pure Can Sugar

By Matt Goldstein

Originally a Native American recipe, Root tea could date back much further than we know.  However, in the 1700’s, the recipe was taught to colonial settlers.  Then, the Root Tea was made with wintergreen, wild roots and herbs.  As the recipe grew, the potency grew as well.  When the temperance league was trying to ban alcohol, the Root Tea recipe became the recipe for non-alcoholic root beer.  A Philadelphia pharmacist created root beer for the Pennsylvania coal miners and steelworkers to enjoy when they couldn’t get their hands on an alcoholic beverage.  Originally a Pennsylvania folk recipe, Art in the Age produced the Root to recreate a pre-temperance alcoholic Root tea.  The Root is certified organic, “Because everything back then was organic.”    



root liquor the story of the root tea liquor 300x151 Root:  An Organic Neutral Root Tea Spirit by Art in the AgeThe Root: Review, Taste and Flavor

Dark brown in color but not necessarily thick, the Root has a spicy wintergreen scent.  The taste is dry, rich, cinnamon and spicy.  With notes of wintergreen, spearmint, the Root is sweet, slightly and slightly astringent.   The flavor of the sugar cane makes a solid statement and the aftertaste is spicy and tingly with subtle warmth.  The Root is actually root beer esque.  If you’re into wintery and spicy liquors, or even black licorice type shots such as sambuca, jagermeister and schnapps, The Root is a less thick, slightly less sweet, but more complex drink for you.  It’s also the hip new thing to do so get on board.  Wait a minute; once you say something is hip, it’s no longer fashionable anymore.  Forget I said anything.  Hey, with all those herbs and spices it must be healthy right?  Drink up…

Source: The Story of the Root

Part 2 Coming Soon: The Snap, by Art in the Age




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