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The Top 10 Best Energy Drinks: Nos, Rockstar, Amp and more…

nos energegy drink The Top 10 Best Energy Drinks: Nos, Rockstar, Amp and more…By Tim Rodgers

The next media crazed over-hyped cause is going to be energy drinks due to the Four-Loko debacle.  I contend that much like cigarettes, they are not good for you.  However, try coping with a crying baby from 2:30-5:30 AM, getting 45 minutes of sleep, going to work, coming home, feeding you kids, bathing your kids, and then finally putting them back to bed at 8:45 PM.  That’s about a 18 hour day.  I need a little caffeine brah.  Or if you’re playing a tournament style, no limit, Texas hold’em poker tournament that is lasting into the wee hours of the morning.  You need to stay sharp.  Any minor mistake could cause you to lose a portion of your stack and dominance.  Any edge is critical. 

Most energy drinks contain some sort of combination of high amounts of sugar, caffeine, taurine, and guarana.  Guarana, which is native to Brazil, is a plant that produces a small fruit the size of a coffee bean that packs more caffeine and more anti-oxidants that its rival. Taurine is an organic acid that is found naturally in the lower intestine and is said to stimulate brain wave function.  Sugar and caffeine… we all know the effects.  The combination of these fine chemicals allow the newly stressed out father to white knuckle his way through a 10 hour day at the office.  So if you are standing in the refrigerator section of your 7-Eleven and staring at the 50 varieties of energy drinks, and you are not sure which one is right for you…No problem man, Whiskey Goldmine has got you covered.

We give you….

The Top 10 Energy Drinks

rockstar energy drink 218x300 The Top 10 Best Energy Drinks: Nos, Rockstar, Amp and more…1. NOS Original Energy Drink:

  – The bottle that this product is packaged in is supposed to resemble a high grade fuel supplement for your racing car.  As far as the drink goes… it performs just as advertised.  Stick with the original orange, the grape or fruit punch flavors actually lack punch.

 2. Rockstar:

  - For those that work hard and play hard.  You can party like a Rockstar the night before, slam one of these down in the morning, and go perform brain surgery, trade stocks, or build a rocket engine.

 3. AMP Energy Juice:

 -Unlike the original AMP made by the folks at Mountain Dew, AMP Energy Juice is actually mostly real juice.  Instead of a thick syrup sugary soda with the caffeine, taurine, and guarana, its real orange juice with caffeine, taurine, and guarana.

4. AMP Green Tea:

 -Amp Green Tea packs all the energy drink goodness compounded with the antioxidant goodness that green tea provides.  If you are looking for a less sweet, slightly carbonated energy drink, this one may be for you.

5. Red Bull:

 -One of the originators of the energy drink phenomenon.  It tends to be sweet and tart.  I think the best use for this beverage is mixing it with alcoholic drinks. (Responsibly of course, if your 19 your old fraternity dude drinks too much, its on him, don’t sue me.)

6. Monster Energy Drink:

 -Unleash the beast.   Monster tends to be sweet and tart like Red Bull. I give Red Bull the edge for being the trailblazer and being mixable with vodka.

7. Full Throttle:

 -Made by the fine folks at Coca-Cola. Full Throttle is less tart than Red Bull or Monster but still pack that energy sweet goodness.

8. Jolt Ultra:

 – I got to pay homage to Jolt,  back in the day, they had the courage to double up on the caffeine in its cola before anybody else.  The citrus flavor works best for me.

9. FRS Healthy Energy – If you are looking for a boost, but not the heart attack.  This is your drink.

 10. Steeze -You know my steeze.

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The Top 10 Best Energy Drinks: Nos, Rockstar, Amp and more…

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