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Courvoisier VS, Courvoisier Exclusif VSOP, Hennessy VS

hennessy vs cognac 273x300 Courvoisier VS, Courvoisier Exclusif VSOP, Hennessy VS

By Matt Goldstein

Courvoisier VS: 

The number 4 of our Cognac trial, the Courvoisier VS, was simply very good.  The VS has great bite, distinctive flavor but yet is still smooth like an exceptionally aged Cognac.  Also aged a little longer than the average VS, which is at least 2 years, the Courvoisier has a great aroma.  It’s a great buy for around $30. 

Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif: 

Although it’s an excellent Cognac, for around $50 per bottle, we expected a lot more out of the Courvoisier Exclusif.  It was very enjoyable, but all four Cognacs above are a better buy.  The Courvoisier web site claims that the Exclusif was designed to be mixed.  Mixed?  A mixer that costs $50?  Please.  You’re better off using a $15 brandy.  You won’t know the difference, trust us.  The Exclusif VSOP is also aged more than the average VSOP, hence the price.  But it is a good Cognac none the less.  The Exclusif really grows on you.  It’s taken time for this Cognac to grow on us but after drinking the Courvoisier Exclusif on 6 different occasions, this drink is definitely elite.

Hennessy VS: 

Although a little too smooth and lacking a little bite, the Hennessy VS was still pretty good.  It has a great nose and is just a solid Cognac.  A collection of over 40 eaux de vie, the Hennessy VS is made from a recipe that has been around for 145 years.  It’s a classic Cognac.  This is a best buy pound for pound for your dollar.


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