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Ichiko Seirin Sochu: A Japanese Soju

ichiko sochu japanese soju 249x300 Ichiko Seirin Sochu: A Japanese SojuIchiko: Japan’s Best Selling Sochu Spirit

By Matt Goldstein & Amy K. Haight

Soju is one of the best selling spirits in the world and the Korean Soju Jinro is actually the top selling spirit in the world.  Ichiko Seirin Sochu is Japan’s take on the furiously popular Korean spirit.  Much like vodka in scent and taste, Soju and Sochu actually have about 50% of the alcohol content of vodka, meaning it has much more drinkability.  Distilled from carefully selected barley and pure spring water, Ichiko Seirin Sochu is filtered through bamboo charcoal and made from the most choice barley and malt.  When compared to Jinro Soju, this is not even a contest.  The Ichiko Seirin Sochu is in a class of its own having much more bite, complexity, flavor and depth.  We highly recommend the Ichiko Seirin Sochu.

Ichiko Seirin Sochu Tasting Notes:

With a lemon cookie scent, good bite and sweet flavor, Ichiko Seiring is lightly grainy and complex.  We love it!




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1 comment to Ichiko Seirin Sochu: A Japanese Soju

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